Raymond Mc Cord – The Protestant ‘Pat Finucane’

Posted By: March 18, 2007

Photo Shows Fr. Mc Manus And Raymond Mc Cord, Sr,Outside White House, Wednesday, March 14, 2007 The Protestant “Pat Finucane”The Raymond Mc Cord CaseCAPITOL HILL. ST. PATRICK’S DAY, 2007 — The Raymond Mc Cordcase is going to become the Protestant version of the PatFinucane case. That is what the President of the Capitol Hill-based IrishNational […]

Banished Priest Who Has the Ear of Top US Politicians

Posted By: March 18, 2007

Banished Priest Who Has Ear Of All America’s TopPoliticians EXCLUSIVE: Sunday World. Sunday, March 18, 2007By John Cassidy, Capitol Hill, Washington DC FR Sean McManus may have the swagger of John Wayne but heis no high noon gun slinger who shoots his mouth off beforehe speaks. For almost four decades the USA has been the […]

McCain & Northern Ireland

Posted By: February 08, 2007

McCain and Northern Ireland Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President, Irish National Caucus February 8, 2007 —I was pleased to see in Ray O’Hanlon’sarticle that British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has askedU.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to urge the Reverend IanPaisley to share power with Sinn Fein. (“McCain asked tointercede with Paisley”. Irish Echo. February 7-13). […]

Is This Anti-Americanism, or What?

Posted By: December 31, 2006

IS THIS ANTI-AMERICANISM, OR WHAT?By Father Sean Mc ManusPresident, Irish National Caucus CAPITOL HILL. Saturday, December 30, 2006— There has beenconcern among Irish-Americans that the people in Irelandwere becoming increasingly anti-American. I think thatconcern is over-blown a bit. My own experience is thatthere is an anti-Bush feeling in Ireland, but it is notanti-American. Big difference. […]

RUC Killing of Irish-American

Posted By: December 03, 2006

RUC Killing of Irish-American To Become Issue in New CongressCapitol Hill. December 2, 2006—- The 1998 RUC-killing of an American- born Belfast man isset to become a hot issue in the New Congressthat will convene in early January 2007.John Hemsworth was born in Kearney, New Jersey,on November 13, 1958 and after a few years thefamily […]

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