Curmudgeons of Unionism still unwilling to endorse Irish Language

Posted By: September 26, 2017

Irish Congressional BriefingDistributed by Irish National Caucus “Members of Congress should pay attention to the strong, consistent voice of Dublin man Tom Cooper, Chairman of the Dublin-based Irish National Congress, which declares “The Irish people have the democratic right to freedom, unity and peace.”In this letter in the Irish News of Belfast, Mr. Cooper shines a light on […]

Catholic support of PSNI on the r

Posted By: September 26, 2017

The report said 73% of Catholics felt the PSNI is doing a good job, an increase on last year’s figure of 64% Irish News. Belfast. Tuesday, September 26, 2017Almost three-quarters (74%) of people think the PSNI is doing a good or fairly good job, according to the Policing Board’s latest ‘Perceptions of Police’ report.This compares to a figure of […]

Alarm over Dunmurry housing claims

Posted By: September 25, 2017

Irish News Editorial. Belfast. Monday, September 25, 2017 Housing has always been an issue of fundamental importance in our society and the dispute over a new project on the outskirts of Belfast has ramifications which go well beyond the Dunmurry area.The Housing Executive has supervised many key reforms since it was launched in 1971, but it is still a matter of considerable […]

Few would bet on May to stay

Posted By: September 23, 2017

Few would bet on May to stay Irish News Editorial. Belfast. Saturday, September 23, 2017 Santa Maria Novella Church, a Renaissance basilica in Florence, a city rich in history, art, and architecture, was a curious choice for Theresa May to outline her government’s strategy on leaving the EU.She evoked the spirit of the Renaissance – “a period of history that inspired centuries […]

Was JFK more British than he was Irish? An Irish ambassador thought so

Posted By: September 23, 2017

Kate Hickey. Irish Central. September 18, 2017   Lover of all things English, the Irish American President John F. Kennedy. America’s most famous Irish son loved all things English, but isn’t it his Irish roots that matter? President John F Kennedy was the first Irish Catholic president of the United States, a son of County […]

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