Campaign To Repeal Hateful Act

Posted By: September 22, 2007

CAMPAIGN TO REPEAL HATEFUL ACT Here is a copy of letter sent to all Members of Congress, Houseand Senate, lobbying them to state their support for repealingthe anti-Catholic sections of the British Act of Settlement,1701. We urge all concerned Americans to lobby their Senators andRepresentatives. After all, what decent American could possiblydefend this anachronistic and […]

Irish-American Campaign To Repeal British Act of Settlement, 1701

Posted By: September 20, 2007

Irish-American Campaign To Repeal British Act Of Settlement, 1701 CAPITOL HILL. SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 —— The US Congress and allPresidential Candidates are being pressured to take a standagainst the British Act of Settlement, 1701, which contain anti-Catholic provisions. The Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus is spearheading thecampaign. Its president, Fr. Sean Mc Manus, launched the […]

Fr. Mc Manus on Harris’s Appointment to Seanad Éireann

Posted By: August 20, 2007

Fr. Mc Manus on Harris’s Appointment to Seanad Éireann There have been a number of ridiculous articles in the papers inIreland praising the equally ridiculous appointment of EohanHarris to Seanad Éireann. Years ago I promised myself to stop reading Harris’s rants andegomaniacal ravings, but I still scan his articles just to see ifthey are still […]

Fr Mc Manus on President Woodrow Wilson

Posted By: May 21, 2007

FR. MC MANUS ON PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSONLETTERS TO THE EDITORIRISH ECHOMAY 21, 2007 Dear Editor, I am a big fan of Edward T. O’Donnell’s column, “HibernianChronicle”, which I read religiously. His May 16 column, “President slams ‘hyphenated Americans’” wasof special interest because it dealt with the attitude of WoodrowWilson (who was President from March 4, […]

Posted By: April 16, 2007

Press Release IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUS Senator Casey Joins Irish National Caucus CAPITOL HILL. MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2007 —- The recently elected USSenator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey Jr., has become a“Congressional Friend” of the Capitol Hill-based Irish NationalCaucus. “We are honored and proud to have Senator Casey as aCongressional Friend”, said Caucus president, Fr. Sean Mc […]

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