Posted By: October 05, 2010

By Irish Echo Staff
For the second time in a year, a congressional committee in Washington will examine the present state of affairs in the Northern Ireland peace process.
The hearing is set for Thursday, Sept. 16 before the House Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight.
“Irish Americans are delighted for the second time within twelve months there will be a congressional hearing on Northern Ireland.” Said Fr. Sean McManus of the Washington, D.C- based Irish National Caucus.
The North will be paired with Bosnia in a session that entitled: “Fulfilling the Promise of Peace: Human Rights, Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Bosnia.”
The hearing will take place at 9:30 a.m. before the subcommittee in Room 2122 Rayburn House Office Building, Independence Avenue and South Capitol St. SW.
The hearing will be aired live via the webcast link on the committee website at http:/ The hearing is expected to last two to three hours.
“Subcommittee chairman, Congressman Russ Carnahan is a man of his word. Last St. Patrick’s Day he promised me he would hold a hearing on Northern Ireland.” Said Fr. McManus.
The following day I brought along Aideen Gilmore, deputy director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice in Belfast to meet him. Aideen will now be the witness on Northern Ireland, and an entirely excellent one at that.” McManus said.
“Just last October we had a hearing before the same subcommittee. Congressman Bill Delahunt was then chairman.” Added McManus.
That hearing, he said, was “on British Government collusion in the murder of the young Protestant, Raymond McCord, Jr. in 1997 in Belfast by Protestant paramilitaries. Raymond Sr. was the witness.
“Now within twelve months of that, we have a second hearing. This demonstrates that the U.S. Congress maintains a high interest in Northern Ireland.”