Posted By: October 30, 2010

Governor O’ MALLEY and Fr. Mc Manus

Capitol Hill. October 25, 2010 — The President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, Fr. Sean Mc Manus, showed up at a fundraiser in Washington on Sunday, October 24 to show support for Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland who is running for reelection on November 2.
“ Martin has always showed solidarity with the Irish cause, and I wanted to show my appreciation”, explained Fr. Mc Manus.
He continued: “ I have known Martin since he was about 17. Even then he was an ardent believer in justice and peace for Ireland, wanting America to take a principled stand. I always felt if he went into politics he could go to the top. And I don’t just mean Governor of Maryland, but president of the United States. He is the best and brightest of his generation.
Martin played a key role as a member of Baltimore City Council in passing the Mac Bride Principles in 1993. And way back in 1983, Martin was instrumental in getting Presidential Candidate U.S. Senator Gary Hart to issue a pivotal statement on Ireland: ‘ The best way, and in fact, the only way to establish a lasting peace is within a democratic All-Ireland context. Regardless of long fostered socio-economic divisions, the fact must be recognized that Ireland is essentially one nation…’(December 27, 1983).
Martin O’ Malley is a great American and a very fine Irishman. Irish-Americans can be rightly proud of him”.