Rangers fans continue sectarian chants despite club’s apology

Posted By: February 25, 2019

Paul Ainsworth.Irish News. Belfast. Monday, February 25, 2019Fans hold up a banner directed at Steve Clarke during the Scottish Premiership match in HamiltonSECTARIAN abuse by Rangers FC fans continued at a weekend soccer match despite a previous apology from the team’s chairman over bigoted chanting.The taunts aimed at Kilmarnock FC manager Steve Clarke yesterday followed claims that sectarianism in Scottish […]

Documents list victims of partition violence

Posted By: February 25, 2019

The newly-published list details the deaths of the McMahon family in 1922  Eamon Phoenix. Irish News. Belfast. Monday, February 25, 2019 A detailed list of the victims of sustained political and sectarian violence in Belfast surrounding partition and the establishment of the Northern Ireland state has been released.The meticulous, handwritten list details the death toll in Belfast between the shipyard expulsions […]

Congressman Richie Neal, the man who can stop Brexit border attempt

Posted By: February 24, 2019

  Congressman Neal (D-MA) with Fr. Sean McManus(1988)    Fr. McManus introduces to  Congressman Neal Raymond McCord (Protestant campaigner for all victims)(2009). (Photos on INC website added to original article). Niall O’Dowd@niallodowd. Irish Central. Thursday, Feb 21, 2019Britain, Brexit and Donald Trump beware – an Irish American battle-hardened veteran of Washington politics suddenly finds himself […]

Posted By: February 24, 2019

50,000 Famine Irish in the US were deported back to IrelandIrishCentral Staff@IrishCentral  May 24, 2017New evidence shows vicious use of Massachusetts law to rid them of Famine Irish. Tim Sackton / FlickrThe untold story of 50,000 Famine Irish who were deported back to Ireland by New England authorities has been revealed.Writing in The Irish Times in March, Hidetaka Hirota, […]

How damaging was Mary Lou McDonald’s gaffe on the appointment of the next chief constable?

Posted By: February 23, 2019

Mary Lou McDonald stokes PSNI recruitment row  Newton Emerson. Irish News.Belfast. Saturday, February 23, 2019  The initial judgment of Alliance Policing Board member John Blair should have been the end of the matter. He said the Sinn Féin president’s claim that she knew of no suitable PSNI candidate had been “careless and irresponsible.”Sinn Féin Policing Board member Gerry Kelly quickly […]

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