Brexit can’t save unionism. Prosperity might

Posted By: February 16, 2019

Unionism has one last chance to make Northern Ireland work for everyone David McWilliams. Irish Times. Dublin. Saturday, February 16, 2019   Being best man is always a tricky business; being best man at a North-South Co Down marriage in July 1994, came with a whole new set of challenges.The speech was a minefield. When you are involved in a ceremony officiated […]

Sinn Féin the main beneficiary of SDLP-Fianna Fáil deal

Posted By: February 16, 2019

Patrick Murphy.Irish News.Belfast.Saturday,16 February 2019  Just when you think things cannot get any worse, they generally do, as SDLP leader Colum Eastwood has discovered.He tried to placate those opposed to a deal with Fianna Fáil by taking the original idea of a merger or similar and watering it down to the vague concept of partnership.Despite that, almost one-third of […]

RUC “shoot to kill” inquiry chair and Ian Brady Moors murders detective John Stalker dies aged 79

Posted By: February 16, 2019

Belfast Telegraph. Friday, February 15,  2019 The former deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester police John Stalker, who lead an investigation into the RUC’s shooting of suspected IRA members, has died aged 79.The policeman was one of the most recognized of his time has also worked on the Moors murder investigation into the killings by Ian Brady, who tortured and […]

SDLP deal with Fianna Fáil may already have cost it a third of its vote

Posted By: February 16, 2019

The SDLP pact with Fianna Fáil could come at an electoral cost in May’s council elections. Alex Kane. Irish News.Belfast.Friday, February 15, 2019. The problem for the SDLP is that Colum Eastwood’s leadership hasn’t actually delivered anything so far. Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie, and Alasdair McDonnell have lost their Westminster seats. The MLA tally has gone down from 14 to 11. In McDonnell’s last three elections […]

Historian Michael McCann on setting the record straight about 1969 Belfast riots with Burnt Out: How The Troubles Began

Posted By: February 15, 2019

  In his new book Burnt Out: How The Troubles Began, historian Michael McCann gathers over 30 eyewitness accounts of the sectarian violence which erupted in Belfast and Derry’s Bogside during the summer of 1969. The Belfast man spoke to David Roy about highlighting state and Unionist culpability in the “birth” of the Troubles David Roy. Irish News.Thursday, February14, 2019 Michael McCann’s new book Burnt […]

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