Rangers fans continue sectarian chants despite club’s apology

Posted By: February 25, 2019

Paul Ainsworth.Irish News. Belfast. Monday, February 25, 2019

Fans hold up a banner directed at Steve Clarke during the Scottish Premiership match in Hamilton
SECTARIAN abuse by Rangers FC fans continued at a weekend soccer match despite a previous apology from the team’s chairman over bigoted chanting.

The taunts aimed at Kilmarnock FC manager Steve Clarke yesterday followed claims that sectarianism in Scottish football was more of an issue than in Irish league matches.

Chants of “Fenian b[astard] were made by Rangers supporters at the Ibrox stadium last Wednesday in a clash with Kilmarnock FC.

That prompted warnings from Mark Langhammer, vice-chairman of north Belfast team Crusaders FC, that sectarianism was “entrenched” in Scottish football, while local political commentator and soccer fan Chris Donnelly said it was “ironic” that bigotry was “more of a feature” than in the Irish League.

Following the chants last week, former Chelsea player Clarke – who revealed he had been approached by Rangers over their managerial vacancy last year – later appeared at a media conference with his captain, Kris Boyd, to call for action and education over Scottish football’s sectarian problems.

Rangers chairman Dave King offered a “sincere apology” to Clarke over the “unwarranted abuse”.

In a statement following last Wednesday’s abuse, he said: “Myself and every single person at Rangers Football Club abhor the sectarian element that continues to be so prevalent in Scottish football.”

But more chanting was heard by Rangers fans during a clash against Hamilton Academical FC at their home ground, the Hope CBD Stadium, yesterday.

The chants again referred to Clarke as a “Fenian b[bastard] while a banner was unfurled reading “Get well soon Steve Clarke”.