What is stopping the PSNI moving against the east Belfast UVF?

Posted By: February 03, 2019

What is stopping the PSNI moving against the east Belfast UVF?   Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, February 2, 2019THE brutal murder of east Belfast man Ian Ogle has been blamed by his family on the UVF, which had been intimidating them for 18 months after a confrontation with Ogle’s son. The east Belfast UVF says it will offer […]

Can Irish America throw a spanner in the works of Brexit?

Posted By: February 01, 2019

Irish-American political clout may be a factor in any proposed US-UK trade deals Newton Emerson. Irish Times. Dublin. Friday, February 1, 20419 Because Brexit is not complicated enough, Irish-America has entered the fray.If this is not at Dublin’s behest, it is certainly with its foreknowledge.At Davos last Thursday, Leo Varadkar issued two unsubtle warnings to the UK about life after a no-deal […]

Almost equal numbers of Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland of working age for the first time

Posted By: February 01, 2019

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “Those knowledgeable about the Black Freedom Struggle in America and with the struggle for justice in Ireland —and in The North/Northern Ireland since  the 1920 Partition of Ireland— will recognize the significance of the Labor Force Survey Report as recounted in the attached article from today’s Irish […]

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