Former British army commander does not consider “taig” as a “term of abuse”

Posted By: July 29, 2017

Former MP and ex-British soldier Eric Joyce said servicemen were “well aware” of what terms were “abusive.” John Monaghan. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, July 229, 2017 Richard Kemp, a former British army commander, said that the use of the word “taigs” was “common parlance” in his units during his tours of duty. Picture from Richard Kemp/TwitterA RETIRED British army commander criticized […]

Victim’s daughter calls for independent investigation into Glenanne without further delay

Posted By: July 29, 2017

 Allison Morris.Irish News. Belfast.Saturday, July 29, 2017 SDLP Denise Mullen, whose father Denis was murdered by the Glenanne gang in September 1975 in their Moy home.ONLY a major independent probe can get to the truth of controversial collusion claims involving a notorious UVF unit responsible for more than 100 murders during the Troubles, campaigners have said.The call for a […]

Families of loyalist gang victims win case over collusion inquiry

Posted By: July 28, 2017

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus   “ A most welcome decision by the Belfast High Court. A very important victory for the victims of British Government collusion. Members of Congress should take special notice of this.”— Fr. Sean McManus Police chiefs frustrated investigation into Glennane Gang killings, Belfast court rulesIrish Times. Dublin. Friday, July […]

Unionism and republicanism don’t want to work together

Posted By: July 28, 2017

Alex Kane. Irish News. Belfast.Friday, July 28, 2017 My mum was an O’Neillite, the sort of small-U unionist who believed that Northern Ireland would only survive if everyone living in it was regarded and treated as an equal.She supported his professed desire to reform the place. But even she was appalled by his comments in May 1969: “It is frightfully hard to […]

Catholic priest questions Brokenshire about murdered Protestant

Posted By: July 27, 2017

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus “The murder of young Raymond Mc Cord, and subsequent, institutionalized cover-up goes to the very heart of the  British Government collusion with murder and political assassination——as does the Pat Finucane case. All of which makes clear that when it suited, the British Government was prepared to eliminate […]

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