High court judgment “breakthrough” on collusion

Posted By: July 25, 2017

Irish News. Belfast.  July 25, 2017 A High Court order for police to disclose files held on a loyalist informer represents a major breakthrough in two actions over alleged state collusion with paramilitary killers, lawyers have claimed.The Chief Constable has been set a final autumn deadline to produce all relevant documents in a claim brought by John Flynn, a north Belfast man who survived […]

Mc Cord case raised at Brokenshire Meeting in Washington

Posted By: July 25, 2017

Secretary of State James Brokenshire,  and Fr. Sean Mc Manus CAPITOL HILL Monday, July 24, 2017 — Secretary of State James Brokenshire spoke on Monday evening at the Northern Ireland Bureau in Washington, DC.About 100 guests listened to Mr. Brokenshire explain the current situation in Northern Ireland—Brexit, lack of an Executive, etc.However, in the Question and Answer period that followed, Fr. Sean […]

Irish- American Anger

Posted By: July 24, 2017

On This Day [in Irish History]Irish News, July 24, 1917Eamon Phoenix. Irish News.  Monday, July 24, 2017The Daily Chronicle’s Special Correspondent, writing from New York, says: Mr. T P O’Connor [Nationalist MP for Liverpool], after several weeks in America, has given his impression on the Irish race here.   ‘I find Irish-America of 1846, not of 1917; that is to say, the Ireland of the awful epoch […]

Political and religious freedom is way forward for Northern Ireland

Posted By: July 24, 2017

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus    Fr Sean McManus Letters to the Editor, Irish News. Belfast. Monday, July 24, 2017 Dear EditorThe Fourth of July is a special day for all Americans —and not least for Irish-Americans, who glory in America’s freedom from England.But the Fifth of July now also takes on […]

Failure of leadership has brought us an Ireland of inequality and division

Posted By: July 23, 2017

Patrick Murphy.Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, July 22, 2017As our politicians, north and south, leave us in peace for a few months and a welcome summer silence falls gently across the island, it might be a good time to reflect on the state of Ireland and its two Irish states.Where have our politicians led us? What does Ireland stand for in an […]

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