This phase of the political process is coming to an end

Posted By: July 15, 2017

Alex Kane. Irish News. Belfast.Friday, July 14, 2017 I mentioned during a radio interview a few days ago that I thought that the present and final phase of the political process was coming to an end and that it was, “increasingly likely that the institutions, along with the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements, would come crashing to the ground.”In a […]

Secretary of State is in a league of his own [and not in a good sense]

Posted By: July 15, 2017

   IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus Secretary of State James Brokenshire has faced accusations of being too close to the DUPA year on from James Brokenshire’s appointment as secretary of state, political correspondent John Manley assesses his time in office John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, July 14, 2017A year ago when the previously unheard of James Brokenshire […]

DUP MP defends bonfire effigies

Posted By: July 14, 2017

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus   “Defending the indefensible: the ‘RIGHT’ to insult and degrade Catholics, even dead Catholics like Martin Mc Guinness. See article below from the Irish News. How sad to see that the “new” face of the DUP is not new at all— still as bigoted as when first founded in 1971. The DUP […]

Boyle, Crowley team up for voting rights

Posted By: July 14, 2017

By Ray O’Hanlon. Irish Echo. New York City.  Friday, July 14, 2017 One is a possible future Speaker of the House of Representatives.The other is a rising star on Capitol Hill, and for sure in Irish America.Representatives Joe Crowley and Brendan Boyle are jointly introducing a bill before Congress that will make it easier for newly-minted American citizens to […]

The Root Cause of Anti-Catholicism in Northern Ireland

Posted By: July 14, 2017

Irish-Americans are anxious for Members of Congress to continue to realize that Anti-Catholicism in Northern Ireland is not just the result of some misguided and unenlightened individual Protestants/Unionists/Loyalists. Instead, it is deeply and profoundly enshrined in the British constitution. Indeed, it is the foundation stone of the Royal Family, as mandated by the  1701 Act of […]

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