Catholic priest questions Brokenshire about murdered Protestant

Posted By: July 27, 2017


Distributed by Irish National Caucus
“The murder of young Raymond Mc Cord, and subsequent, institutionalized cover-up goes to the very heart of the  British Government collusion with murder and political assassination——as does the Pat Finucane case. All of which makes clear that when it suited, the British Government was prepared to eliminate its supporters (the Protestand Mc Cords ) just like the Government eliminated  Catholics.
Irish-Americans are united in their desire for the U.S. Congress to keep standing  up for the Mc Cord family.”—Fr. Sean Mc Manus

Fr Sean McManus speaks to James Brokenshire in Washington

 this week

Connla Young. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, July 27, 2017

Raymond McCord Jr

A US based Catholic priest has challenged Secretary of State James Brokenshire over the UVF murder of Raymond McCord. Jr. almost 20 years ago.

Fr Sean McManus questioned Mr. Brokenshire about the murder of the 22- year-old Protestant in November 1997 during an event at the Northern Ireland Bureau in Washington earlier this week.

Mr. McCord Jr. was beaten to death by a UVF gang which included several police informers.

During a question and answer session Fr McManus, who is President of the Irish National Caucus, said he believes the murder was “covered up” because some of those involved were police informers and “British government agents”.

“Yet to this day, not one person has been charged with the brutal murder,” he said.