Washington Committee Formed for Launching of Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs

Posted By: January 10, 2011

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Capitol Hill. Sunday, January 9, 2011 — The Irish in the greater Washington, DC area have rallied together to form the “Washington Irish Committee” for the launching and signing of Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland.
The Memoirs will be published in Ireland in March by Collins Press, Cork, and the Washington launching is on Sunday, May 1, 2011 • 2-4 PM • Phoenix Park Hotel • 520 North Capitol St. NW • Washington, D.C. 20001 (across from Union Station, which also has ample parking).
Chairperson of the Washington Irish Committee, Mrs. Barbara J. Flaherty, said: “This is a hugely important book. It is probably the most significant Memoirs in the historiography of Irish-American nationalism since Recollections of an Irish Rebel by John Devoy (1929).

Indeed, the former Chairman of the House International Relations Committee (Foreign Affairs) Ben Gilman stated before leaving Congress in 2003, “I believe historians will record that no one since John Devoy (1842-1928) has done more to organize American pressure for justice in Ireland. (The only difference being that Father Mc Manus – in keeping with his priestly calling – is committed to nonviolence).”
Mrs. Flaherty explained:“Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs is replete with primary sources, illuminating insights into how the United States Congress dealt with the Irish issue, and fascinating details on how– against all odds– he persevered and prevailed. Nobody else could have written such a book because simply no one has ever done what Fr. Mc Manus has done (for almost 40 years) on Capitol Hill for justice in Ireland”.
Mrs. Flaherty stressed she was proud that the Irish Echo is the co-sponsor of the event, and quoted the Editor, Ray O’ Hanlon and the Publisher, Mairtin O’ Muilleoir, whom both issued statements about the upcoming Memoirs.
Mrs. Flaherty concluded by expressing deep appreciation for all the excellent DC-area men and women who are serving on the Executive Committee, whose quotes appear in the accompanying document: “ Enthusiastic Anticipation For Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs”.

The Committee’s first meeting will be January 17, 2011 – by invitation only.

Washington Irish Committee. P.O.BOX 15128, Washington, DC. 20003-0849.

Tel. 202-544-0568(day); 301-651-3623(evening); Fax: 202-488-7537



Irish Echo

“Ireland’s had Red Knights in times gone by but for the past two generations, it has had a White knight on Capitol Hill, Fr. Sean Mc Manus. He has fought the good fight for peace and equality at the very heart of the U.S. administration, enduring barbs and brickbats from the elites but earning the reward money can’t buy: the heartfelt gratitude of Northern nationalists. He has been a beacon for seekers after justice from all backgrounds, and hisMemoirs is a must read.” — Mairtin O’Muilleoir, CEO Belfast Media Group

“Fr. Mc Manus, from his Capitol Hill office, has been a prominent and influential figure in the quest for progress and peace with justice in Northern Ireland, blending knowledge of his native land with experience drawn from his years of dealing with the intricacies of the political system in his adopted one. His has been a unique role. Long may it continue.”—Ray O” Hanlon, Editor.

Executive Committee of Washington Irish Committee on Book Launching

In alphabetical order

Rich Aleksy, President VA. AOH: “From the inception of the Irish National Caucus, 1974, the AOH has been proud to support Fr. Mc Manus’s vital work. As the state president of the Virginia AOH, I, too, express my admiration for and solidarity with his great work.”

Bob April, President, D.C. AOH: “I am proud to continue the long DC-AOH history of supporting the great work of Fr. Mc Manus for justice in the North of Ireland. His book will of historic importance.”

Keith Carney, a National Director of the AOH and justice in Northern Ireland, Editor of Hibernian Digest: “There is simply no other book like this. It provides an unequaled account of how the Congress was kept on track … on opposing anti-Catholic discrimination in Northern Ireland, the Mac Bride Principles, and a host of other issues”.

Daniel Patrick Costello, Vice President for Advancement, Gonzaga College High School, Washington, DC, author of the Rag Tree: A Novel of Ireland (2009): “From the streets in the North of Ireland to the hallways of the United States Congress, Fr. Sean McManus for the past 40 years has walked the front lines of Ireland’s quest for justice. Any study of Irish politics is incomplete without considering Fr. McManus’s unique perspective gained from working both sides of the Atlantic.”

Ralph Day, President, Division #1, AOH: “Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs will make a huge contribution to Irish American history. It will be an essential read for all Americans dedicated to justice in Northern Ireland.”

Peggy Dee, D.C. LAOH:“For almost 40 years, Fr. Mc Manus has been working for peace and justice for Northern Ireland. He is to be admired for his dedication and devotion to this Cause. I enthusiastically look forward to his Memoirs and consider this a valuable read for all interested in Irish politics.

Gail Dapolito, President, D.C. LAOH: “The LAOH had the privilege of being addressed by Fr. Mc Manus. We were inspired by his wonderful work for justice and peace in our beloved Ireland. We greatly look forward to his Memoirs.”

Tom Halton, Professor Emeritus, The Catholic University of America, “The word I always associate with Fr. Sean Mc Manus is adamantine—having the hardness and luster of a diamond. I have seen him in action countless times on Capitol Hill, so I can fearlessly proclaim that his book will gleam with the luster of a diamond.

Tim Harvey, President, MD AOH: “How wonderful that Fr. Mc Manus is blessing us with his Memoirs. What a story he has to tell. We all need to learn this vital part of Irish-American history.”

Andrew Healy, longtime GAA promoter: “ Fr. Mc Manus reveals in his Memoirs the central role the GAA played in his family’s life in Fermanagh, telling us that “ the GAA was in the blood”. May the GAA be in the blood of all Irish-Americans in the greater Washington area, and may we all celebrate the publishing of his Memoirs”.

Bill Hughes, Internet Commentator and author: “ I have known Fr. Mc Manus since he first made landfall in my native city of Baltimore in 1972. I have been proud to stand with him in many battles for Irish justice. I regard his Memoirs of singular importance – an essential slice of Irish-American history”.

Kathy Lay, President¸ MD LAOH: “The LAOH has always supported the outstanding work of Fr. Mc Manus. He has championed peace and justice for Catholics in Northern Ireland in the U.S. Congress for nearly 40 years. His Memoirs are of great importance.

Peggy Nicholson, Irish activist, MD: “As an ardent supporter of the Irish
Cause, I greatly look forward to F. Mc Manus’s Memoirs. This book is
going to become a vital part of Irish American history.’

“Roscommon-born Professor Coilin Owens, a Joyce scholar: ‘When the history of Irish-American engagement in bringing the Troubles to a just conclusion is written, it will have to weigh the persistent and fearless efforts of Fr. McManus. His account of how the Irish National Caucus worked for decades to shape Irish-American opinion and persuade the U.S. Congress on the real issues in Northern Ireland is an important part of the story.

George Rogers, Immed. Past President DC AOH:”Fr. Sean McManus has been a fixture on the front lines in the fight for TRUE peace and justice in the North of Ireland. His unwavering work and support have been invaluable to the Catholic/Nationalists in the North and his work on educating and informing folks here in the USA has gained much American support for the cause of justice in the North of Ireland”.

Washington Irish Committee. P.O.BOX 15128, Washington, DC. 20003-0849.

Tel. 202-544-0568(day); 301-651-3623(evening); Fax: 202-488-7537