Foster says No

Posted By: February 15, 2018

RISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus “It is so galling for Arlene Foster to falsely claim that‘ respect for the Unionist and British identity had not been reciprocated.’… To say that about the State of Northern Ireland that was artificially created in 1920 by an Act of the British Government is truly mind-boggling —a […]

Arlene Foster’s remarks leave little wriggle room

Posted By: February 15, 2018

DUP nervousness has shifted the dynamic of negotiations completelyJohn Manley. Irish New. Belfast. Wednesday, February 14, 2018FOR Arlene Foster to carry out a series of media interviews while negotiations with Sinn Féin are supposed to be continuing is highly unusual.It is not something you do when in a position of strength and suggests the DUP leader is feeling the pressure.It’s believed many […]

  Boston no longer oldest St Pat’s celebration in the world, see which US city has the oldest

Posted By: February 14, 2018

Frances Mulraney. Irish Central. New York City. Wednesday, February 14, 2018The world’s oldest St Patrick’s Day festival may have been in St. Augustine, Florida, some 418 years agoBoston and New York have long laid claim to being the centers of Irish immigration that saw the very start of St. Patrick’s Day parades before they had even started […]

North is problem British government refuses to face

Posted By: February 14, 2018

  Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, February 14, 2018The current internecine divisions in the British cabinet and the Conservative party center on trade and economics; customs union or not, single market or not?Unsurprisingly no-one in the Conservative party mentions human rights or indeed any kind of rights.After all, isn’t Theresa May keen to get rid of the Human Rights […]

David McNarry “would pull down any Irish language sign on his street”

Posted By: February 13, 2018

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus “Further Taliban-like disrespect and contempt for the ancient and venerable Irish language. Whence such hatred and ignorance? How can such a venomous attitude build up the Beloved Community in Northern Ireland?”—Fr. Sean McManus David Young Press Association. Irish News. Belfast. Tuesday, February 13, 2018Ukip’s former leader in […]

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