May’s speech not as one-sided as DUP might like

Posted By: July 26, 2018

Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, July 26, 2018It is slowly dawning on unionists that Theresa May’s speech in Belfast last Friday was far from a one-sided reassurance to the DUP.Headlines were initially grabbed by the prime minister’s promise of no customs sea border – an excerpt of the speech that leaked out the day before.This caused an outbreak of […]

Northern Ireland is haunted by a new specter – far-right extremism

Posted By: July 26, 2018

Generation Identity has held half a dozen protests in Belfast since last August.  Alix O’Neill. New Statesman. London. Wednesday, July 25, 2018 (Alix O’Neill is a freelance journalist. She tweets @AlixONeill.).“Hello, garbage.” Ayesha* was walking her youngest daughter to school in south Belfast when a passerby made the cruel jibe. It isn’t the first time the Saudi student and her […]

Fire crews tackled more than 1,800 bonfires in five years

Posted By: July 26, 2018

“The pathology of Bonfires in Northern Ireland has nothing to do with culture: building massive, dangerous bonfires in built-up city areas is total madness—dangerous to life, property and the environment. And that does not even take into account the often obscene practice of burning in effigy Catholic leaders. Not to mention burning images and statues […]

Time for Sinn Féin to leave abstentionism to the history books

Posted By: July 25, 2018

If Sinn Féin MPs were at Westminster, they could influence the shape of Brexit and the course of Irish history saysFergus O’Farrell.Irish Examiner. Cork. Ireland. Wednesday, July 25,  2018(Fergus O’Farrell is a writer and historian based in London. His work has appeared in History Ireland, the Irish Times, and the Irish Independent. His biography of Cathal Brugha will be […]

Sinn Fein’s Begley calls for “truth and justice” over Troubles murder of councilor Patsy Kelly

Posted By: July 25, 2018

Belfast Telegraph. July 2,4 2018Sinn Fein MP  Orfhlaith Begley has called for funds to be released to complete an investigation into the murder of an independent nationalist councilor in Co Tyrone during the Troubles.The body of Patsy Kelly was found weighed down in a lake after he went missing when locking up a bar in Trillick, Co Tyrone on July […]

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