It is the DUP’s misguided actions that will deliver a hard Border

Posted By: July 25, 2018

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus  Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, July 25, 2018Lord Adonis says the DUP want the hardest Brexit because all they want is a hard border for cultural and political reasons, note not economic. The great advantage for them is that they can blame the British for the outcome. Lies, […]

 Good Friday Agreement mastermind says Northern Ireland at risk of violence

Posted By: July 23, 2018

Ian Craig.South Wales Argus. July 20, 2018Good Friday Agreement Lord Murphy mastermind says Northern Ireland at risk of violenceFormer Torfaen MP Lord Paul Murphy has warned a deal between the DUP and Conservatives could undermine the peace process in Northern Ireland.The continued failure to restore Northern Ireland’s devolved government risks exposing the people of the country to violence, an ex-Gwent MP has […]

More than economics at stake in Brexit

Posted By: July 21, 2018

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, July 21, 2018 NOT for the first time, the future of Irish nationalism rests with English politics.The unpredictable nature of current events in England is shaping up like a repeat of the 30 years following 1884 when the various Home Rule Bills for Ireland were defeated or delayed in Westminster by a combination of electoral […]

Scripted responses and specially selected voices render Theresa May’s visit largely pointless

Posted By: July 21, 2018

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to the U.S. Congress by Irish National Caucus John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, July 21, 2018 THERESA May yesterday reminded her Belfast audience that when she became the prime minister just over two years ago, she was keen to highlight how the full name of her party was “the Conservative and Unionist Party.”It would perhaps be […]

Learning from Boston’s early Irish Catholics

Posted By: July 17, 2018

Ray Flynn Saturday, Boston Herald. July 14, 2018 (Raymond L. Flynn is a former mayor of Boston and a former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.) It has been my experience growing up that people are more inclined to support the underdog than the powerful. At least that’s how my neighbors and I always felt. Catholic immigrants faced discrimination and oppression when […]

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