Bernadette McAliskey: “I am astounded I survived. I made mad decisions”

Posted By: July 08, 2017

McAliskey, now an elder stateswoman of anti-establishment politics, reflects on a career driven by a fierce sense of justice – and how that has not been achieved in the NorthBernadette McAliskey Kitty Holland. Irish Times.Dublin. September  22, 2016   Bernadette McAliskey, now 69, has never been one for the niceties of establishment politics. Indeed, beloved by many as she is, as a […]

If the response to Brexit is just ‘good riddance’, the EU may sleepwalk into its own demise. Our “Europe’s Future” series concludes

Posted By: July 08, 2017

EU is still at risk of slow self-destructionFintan O’Toole. Irish Times.Dublin.Saturday, July 8, 2017 This is the final part of the “Irish Times” series Europe’s Future. With Brexit talks in train, and the European Union assailed by threats on various fronts, ‘Irish Times’ writers have examined the union’s prospects at a critical point. Has the populist wave been halted? Is the EU facing […]

Money being slashed – except for the MLAs

Posted By: July 08, 2017

Patrick Murphy.Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, July 8, 2017Wasn’t it a remarkable feat of linguistic ability that five political parties, a Secretary of State and an Irish foreign minister could talk to each other for four months and apparently not say anything which any of them found remotely interesting?What did they do all day? Were they playing snooker or table tennis before they […]

It’s time for the DUP to rise above sectarianism

Posted By: July 08, 2017

Ulster’s newly influential Unionists must face down paramilitary flags, fires and casual glorification of violence.Jenny McCartney. The Spectator. London. July 8, 2017 Few events have appalled London liberals so publicly as the surprise emergence of the ten MPs of the Democratic Unionist Party as a force in UK politics. The metropolitan horror has been given full expression in the Twitter railing against “misogynist […]

Prevent Brexit economic chaos

Posted By: July 08, 2017

Irish News Editorial. Belfast. Saturday, July 8, 2017 The consequences of Britain’s disastrous decision to leave the EU are becoming ever more apparent with concerns being raised across a number of sectors about the impact of a hard Brexit.In particular, there are fears that leaving the EU without trade arrangements in place would be the financial equivalent of falling off a cliff and […]

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