Britain’s first ever 1916 Rising memorial is unveiled

Posted By: July 07, 2017

The Irish Post. Aidan Lonergan July 6, 2017, The memorial is the first of its kind in Britain. (Picture: Liam Walsh) THE FIRST ever Easter Rising memorial on British soil has been unveiled in a special ceremony in Liverpool. The memorial plaque was erected in Saint Anthony’s RC Church in the Vauxhall district of the […]

The United States’ next Kennedy reflects on the Irish Great Hunger pligh

Posted By: July 07, 2017

Irish Central. Frances Mulraney .July 07, 2017  Congressman Joe Kennedy III. WIKICOMMONS As more and more focus is being placed on who will emerge as the next leaders of the Democratic Party, the familiar name of Kennedy is being mentioned more frequently as a possible contender for a term in the White House. Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Representative of […]

“Why, in God’s name, do middle-aged Orangemen (as distinct from young soccer hooligans) want to parade where they are not wanted in poor all-Catholic areas— in their Orange Sashes, bowler hats, and Union Jacks, while often playing Anti-Catholic tunes?

Posted By: July 06, 2017

                                     Fr. Mc Manus on Pathology of Orange Parades CAPITOL HILL. Thursday, July 6, 2017— In his regular “Irish Congressional Briefings” (pertinent information for Members of the United States Congress), Fr. Sean Mc Manus—president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus— […]

Pallets vanish and will go up in smoke

Posted By: July 06, 2017

Irish Echo.  Anthony Neeson. July 5, 2017 A statue of the Virgin Mary on a pallet pyre in 2013 A Sinn Féin councilor has claimed that Belfast City Council officials withheld information from his party regarding the theft of wooden pallets from council property. Up to 3,000 pallets have been stolen from a council depot […]

There’s no place for Orange parades in modern Scotland

Posted By: July 05, 2017

Police are investigating last Saturday’s Orange parade Wee Ginger Dug @weegingerdug.  The National. Scotland. Tuesday, July 4, 2017POLICE Scotland are investigating last Saturday’s Orange parade in Glasgow for alleged sectarian chanting. In other news, police are investigating Sawney Bean for alleged offenses against the Food Standards Agency, and Vlad the Impaler for breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act.According to reports, […]

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