Irish National Caucus to Raise Kincora Case in Congress

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IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUS brings the Belfast Protestant Richard Kerr case to Capitol Hill


CAPITOL HILL. Wednesday, May 19, 2021— Just as it brought Belfast Protestant Raymond McCord, Jr. case to the United States Congress, the Irish National Caucus is bringing the case of Richard Kerr before Congress.


Richard Kerr, 60 years old—originally from Belfast but now living in Texas since 1988— claims he was abused by “very powerful people” with links to both the former Kincora Boys Home and to MI5/ British intelligence. Kincora was commonly regarded as a home for Protestant boys, and it was run by Protestants. It has also been claimed that the RUC knew about the abuse but was either unwilling or unable to stop it. And we all know too well the terrible evil caused if State or Church cover up the sexual abuse of children.


In 2017, Mr. Kerr was due to give evidence to the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) Inquiry in Belfast. But on the advice of his legal team, he withdrew from the Inquiry because key State documents were not made available to his legal team. However, Mr. Kerr has mounted a legal challenge against the findings of the Inquiry. After all, British courts and inquiries, in both England and Northern Ireland, are replete with wrong or corrupt rulings.


Fr. Sean McManus—President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus—said: “We have almost a 50-year history of helping people from Northern Ireland raise their cases in the U.S. Congress. We, ourselves, are not investigators and do not have direct knowledge of incidents we may bring before Congress, but we believe victims of British Government injustice and mistreatment should be given a chance to tell their story to Members of Congress. That is part of our mission. We were proud and honored to help the Protestant Raymond McCord, Sr. to raise the 1997 murder of his son, Raymond, Jr. and we are proud and honored to help the Protestant Richard Kerr to raise his case. Ecumenism is at its best when Protestants and Catholics not only pray together for peace but also work for justice because peace is the fruit of justice and solidarity.”


Fr. McManus continued: “In 50 years, Raymond McCord, Sr. and Richard Kerr are the only two

Protestants activists/victims from Northern Ireland who have sought our help to raise their issue in the U.S. Congress. That is because Protestants/Unionists/Loyalists dare not break rank and challenge British Intelligence and the British Government because when they do, they are isolated and shunned by the Protestant establishment and power structure. And this is even more reason —apart from the intrinsic merit of their cases—why they should be supported by the Irish National Caucus and our Congressional Friends.”


Mr. Kerr was introduced to Fr. McManus by Donal Lavery of Belfast, a trainee accountant, and commentator who has been helping Mr. Kerr. He has done extensive research on the Kincora cover-up. John McMahon —attorney and businessman originally from Dublin but now living in Massachusetts —is also helping. Also on the team is Colin Wallace, former Senior Information Officer, Psychological Operations, Army HQ Northern Ireland,1971-1974. (He was Senior Information Officer 1973-1974).


For further information view two Channel 4 (British TV) programs on Richard Kerr—

Kincora “VIP pedophile ring” victim Richard Kerr speaks out

Kincora child abuse victim calls for wider inquiry





Click the link below to read Donal Lavery’s article about Kincora published in VILLAGE  MAGAZINE, Dublin— Ireland’s political and cultural magazine. May 24, 2021.


Donal Lavery: “Richard Kerr-Kincora Case Has Become a Transatlantic Campaign for Justice
To read the poem, “The Life of Richard Kerr” by Donal Lavery, click—-





Irish-Americans turn to Congresswoman Maloney for help on Human Trafficking Case of Irishman Richard Kerr, Victim of the Infamous Kincora school, Belfast.



Capitol Hill. Wednesday, May 26, 2021—Powerful Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) Chair of the House Oversight Committee, the main investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives, has been asked to help with a notorious Human Trafficking case.  The Congresswoman is also a long-time Congressional Friend of the Irish National Caucus, and a strong supporter of equality, justice,  and peace in Ireland.
And, with particular relevancy for this case, Congresswoman is co-founder of the Human Trafficking Caucus.
The Irish National Caucus has launched a campaign to raise in the U.S. Congress the case of Richard Kerr, a victim of the infamous Kincora home for Protestant boys. The home was the scene of horrible sexual child abuse—and, worst still, believed by many to be a front for British intelligence gathering for purposes of blackmail and political leverage. In other words, yet another appalling example of State-sponsored violence, domination, injustice, and cover-up. But in this case, the victims and the targets were Protestants. Kincora was closed in 1980 but the pain and damage continue to this day. 
Fr. Sean Mc Manus—President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus said: “Donal Lavery, a writer,  commentator,   and trainee-accountant in Belfast contacted me and asked me if we could raise the Richard Kerr case as we raised the case of the other Protestant Belfast man, Raymond McCord, Jr. who was beaten to death in 1997 near Belfast by Protestant paramilitaries. Because some of those involved in the murder were British agents and police informers, the British Government covered up the crime—and still to this day covers up the crime. And, thus, Richard Kerr—now 60 and a U.S. Citizen — continues to be a victim of the British government. We have great hopes that Congresswoman Maloney and other Members of Congress will demand justice for Richard Kerr. Richard was trafficked from Belfast to Sligo, to London, to Rome, Vienna, and the United States. Now, surely he deserves all our help?”

Watch Fr. Mc Manus’ video (10 min.):
For a copy of the script, click or insert into the browser:
10.  June 25, 2021
11.   July 4, 2021

Kincora: How three men alerted MI5 officers to home’s dark secret… and still nothing was done to stop the child sex abuse.

12.  July 19, 2021

British-Northern Ireland Vice Ring (B-NIVR)

Irish Congressional Briefing on the Kincora-Richard Kerr Case

Introduction by Fr. Sean Mc Manus


July 19, 2021

The Irish National Caucus has had this Congressional Briefing Paper (which begins with # 1) prepared by an expert legal source in Ireland who is deeply knowledgeable about the Kincora-Richard Kerr issue and is not involved in legal representation of Richard Kerr.

The role of the British Government in the horrible systematic sexual abuse in the Kincora Boys Home and other Homes is one of the worst scandals of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

But, in this case, the British Government was not oppressing Catholics, the usual victims, but were colluding in the sexual abuse of Protestant children —using them as a “honey trap”—to compromise and blackmail the abusers to secure political advantage and leverage.

Now, we all know too well the horrible evil that happens when Church or State is complicit in child sexual abuse and cover-up. … And the Kincora scandal is a particularly evil example.

The abuses happened in the 1970s and the Home was closed in 1980. In that sense, it is an old story, but the suffering of the victims endures as fresh as ever. What is new about this story is that the Irish National Caucus has launched a campaign to raise the issue in the United States Congress. See Press Releases and other information—


That Richard Kerr —now an American citizen living in Texas—is a Belfast Protestant is important and significant, because very few Protestants in Northern Ireland become whistleblowers against the British State/British intelligence because when they do, they are isolated and shunned by the entire Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist power-structure and branded as traitors.

And this is even more reason —apart from the intrinsic merit of the case—why Richard should be supported by the Irish National Caucus and our Congressional Friends. Furthermore, I deeply believe that ecumenism and reconciliation are at their best when Protestants and Catholics from Northern Ireland not only pray together for peace but also work together for justice, because —as Blessed Martin Luther King, Jr. and Saint Pope John Paul II taught us— peace is the fruit of justice and solidarity.

Members of Congress concerned with human rights and justice should certainly be concerned about the Richard Kerr case. In particular, the Members who have long been involved in the Irish Peace Process, those on the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, and the Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus should show special concern. The latter, surely, should be concerned because Richard Kerr was trafficked in Ireland, Britain, Italy, and elsewhere.

The co-Founder of the Human Trafficking Caucus, Congresswoman B. Maloney (D-NY) states its mission clearly: “Since I came to Congress, eradicating human trafficking has been a top priority for me. … So today [January 11, 2018] on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, I reaffirm my commitment to fighting human trafficking everywhere it exists. … I promise that I will continue to fight to ensure that human trafficking, domestically and abroad, in all its forms, is finally eradicated, that perpetrators are brought to justice, and that survivors are given the assistance they need to rebuild their lives with dignity.”

I, therefore, hope this Irish Congressional Briefing on the Kincora-Richard Kerr Case, which follows below [1-28], will encourage Members of Congress to stand up for Richard Kerr American citizen.



  1. Sir Basil Brooke served as Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 1943 to 1963. His private secretary Alfred Arnold was a pedophile with an interest in young males. According to Robert Harbinson (“Robin Bryans”), a reliable child sexual abuse whistleblower, Arnold exploited his position to set up a network of sexual abuse that preyed on young boys in care.
  2. The aristocracy in Northern Ireland sheltered a pedophile network which has become known as the British-Northern Ireland Vice Ring (B-NIVR). Alfred Arnold was a key figure in the B-NIVR. Children were supplied to its members for sexual abuse. Some of them were trafficked to parties held in large country houses including one at Blessingbourne, County Fermanagh. They were also taken across the border to Glenveagh Castle in Co. Donegal and Birr Castle in Co. Offaly in the Republic of Ireland. Many attempts were made to expose the existence of the B-NIVR and its exploitation by British Intelligence. Social workers tried to raise the abuse, but their superiors covered it up. Eventually, one brave social worker who was responsible for Richard from age 5 to 18 convinced a journalist working in the Republic of Ireland for the Irish Independent to expose it on the front page of that newspaper in January 1980.
  3. One of the key figures in the B-NIVR was Peter Montgomery the deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Fermanagh (the Queen’s representative at events in Fermanagh). He was a cousin of the famous World War II field Marshal. He procured boys for the country parties from care homes and from schools such as Portora Royal College.
  4. Anthony Blunt, an ex-MI5 officer (Britain’s equivalent to the FBI) was serving as the Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures at Buckingham Palace in 1979. Blunt was a member of the so-called Cambridge Spy Ring with Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, and others. Blunt was also a member of the B-NIVR. Blunt was an intimate of Peter Montgomery and often visited him at his estate at Blessingbourne, Co. Fermanagh. Blunt was exposed as a KGB traitor by Margaret Thatcher in the House of Commons in 1979.
  5. Blunt’s treachery had been discovered in 1964. Peter Wright of MI5 (and later author of “Spy Catcher”) conducted a seven-year investigation into Blunt’s life including his social and sexual relationships with others. At this time, homosexuality was seen as a vice likely to expose men to blackmail. Wright sought out details of all of the homosexuals in Blunt’s life. This led him into a darker corner of Blunt’s life, the theB-NIVR.
  6. One of Blunt’s friends attended Cabinet meetings in his capacity as private secretary to the British PM Harold Macmillan. This was Sir Knox Cunningham, a Unionist MP from Northern Ireland (NI). Knox Cunningham was a pedophile and a member of the theB-NIVR.
  7. Peter Wright of MI5 amassed an enormous amount of information about homosexual and presumably pedophile networks involving senior Loyalist politicians such as Knox Cunningham and other leading Orangemen and members of the Unionist aristocracy in Northern Ireland by the early 70s. These files were not released to the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) inLondon.
  8. In 1969, Loyalist extremists toppled Sir Terence O’Neill, the Unionist prime minister of NI. This was followed by attacks on Catholic groups who were seeking civil rights. This culminated in attacks on Nationalist/Catholic communities, notably the violence of August 1969. British troops were sent to protect Catholic communities. At this time, the British Army was confronted by extreme Loyalists. The first RUC police officer to die during rioting in NI was Victor Arbuckle who was killed by Unionists/Loyalists/Protestants in Belfast.
  9. The information in MI5 files about leading Loyalists contained exploitable “compromat” about Unionist politicians. It had the potential to destroy their reputations or render them vulnerable to blackmail. It also provided leads from which to conduct further inquiries.
  10. The information also provided MI5 and MI6 (the equivalent of the CIA and which operated on both sides of the Irish border in the 1970s) with an opportunity to recruit agents within loyalism.
  11. MI6 already had at least one agent on its books, William McGrath. He was a Protestant Preacher who had developed a network to smuggle bibles behind the Iron Curtain, presumably through Dublin harbor where ships from East Germany stopped. This had come to the attention of a male lover he had at the British Embassy in Dublin. McGrath’s lover introduced him to MI6, and he helped them smuggle MI6 propaganda materials behind the Iron Curtain in the 1960s (before The Troubles erupted).
  12. In 1971 McGrath, who had no qualifications in childcare, was placed inside Kincora Boys’ Home. McGrath’s only qualification was as a barber.
  13. McGrath was convicted in 1981 for the abuse of male residents at Kincora. Two other members of staff, John Mains, the Warden (senior officer), and Raymond Sample were convicted alongside him.
  14. McGrath was a senior figure inside the Orange Order (a group set up along Freemason lines to protect Protestant interests in NI). McGrath ran his own Orange Lodge. He knew other senior Orangemen such as James Molyneaux, a bachelor who had a sexual interest in young males. Molyneaux had become a Westminster MP in 1970 after his friend Knox Cunningham had resigned. Molyneaux rose to become the leader of the dominant Ulster Unionist Party from 1979-to 1995.
  15. McGrath was involved with the terrorists who had toppled Sir Terence O’Neill as Prime Minister of NI in 1969. He was close to the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and ran his own paramilitary group called Tara. In the early 1970s, he helped set up the Ulster Defense Association(UDA).
  16. McGrath was close to Rev. Ian Paisley who was involved with McGrath and others in the campaign to topple PM O’Neill in 1969. Paisley set up the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and later became the First Minister of NorthernIreland.
  17. Colin Wallace, a British Army psychological operations officer in NI in the early and mid-1970s has produced documentation that proves that the British Army knew about McGrath, Tara, and some of McGrath’s sexual activities. Apress briefing was shown to journalists in 1973 which made reference to McGrath’s links to Paisley, Cunningham, Molyneaux, and Martin, a Westminster MP, and Head of the Orange Order.
  18. Residents at Kincora and elsewhere were trafficked to abusers on both sides of the Irish Sea by McGrath and Mains. Richard Kerr was taken to Venice where he was abused by Roy Cohn, the lawyer who was retained by Donald Trump. Kerr has released photographs from the trip.
  19. Kerr was also abused by members of the B-NIVR —which included some very powerful people— on both sides of the Irish Border. He was also abused by the infamous racist Enoch Powell, who was an MP in Wolverhampton, England, from 1950-to 1974. Powell’s racism and sectarianism were so bad he had to flee England for the safe haven of Northern Ireland.  Encyclopedia Britannica revealingly says: “In 1974, he gave up the Wolverhampton seat he had held for 24 years and, from October 1974 to 1987 was returned to Parliament from Protestant Northern Ireland districts.” His Election Agent in Northern Ireland was Jeffrey Donaldson, now the new DUP leader. He worked for Powell between 1982-1984. Donaldson has said of Powell: “… he brought great intellect to our party.” And on Powell’s death in 1998, he said: “Our nation will mourn the loss of a true statesman who was held in very high regard.” The Village Magazine, Dublin (June 26, 2021) states: “The late Enoch Powell was a racist and a violent pedophile with deranged views about the intelligence of women. He was also a mentor to Sir. Jeffrey Donaldson who is about to become the leader of the DUP. …  Another of Donaldson’s mentors was the pedophile, James Molyneaux.”
  20. Richard Kerr’s story is not confined to Kincora. The institution was initially established as a home to care for 16 to 18-year-old boys. In 1975, there was a change in policy whereby younger boys were brought to the home despite the fact they had accommodation elsewhere. This group consisted of 14-year-olds, at least some of whom had been groomed and become sexually compliant to abuse at other homes Williamson House in Belfast. Unlike Williamson House, Kincora was completely under the control of MI5 and MI6 via Mains and McGrath. The grooming of Richard Kerr commenced at Williamson House when he was 8-years old. The pedophile who abused him and others was an Englishman, who is still alive and living in London. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in London led by Professor Alexis Jay has not spoken to him nor many other relevant witnesses. Furthermore, the HIA/Hart Inquiry did not speak to that individual nor did the Terry and Hughes inquiries.

The abuse case to Kincora was part of a much wider network. To date, the British government, the RUC/PSNI, and other State agencies have confined it to the three lower-level abusers who went to prison: Joseph Mains, William McGrath, and Raymond Semple. Yet powerful people ranging from terrorists such as John McKeague to powerful members of the upper classes who abused residents far beyond the walls of Kincora walked away free.

  1. Kerr was also abused by John McKeague, one of the most senior Loyalist paramilitaries of the Troubles. McKeague had been involved in the plots against PM O’Neill alongside McGrath, Paisley and the UVF, and others. McKeague was a pedophile. Captain Brian Gemmell, a British military intelligence officer, has revealed details of his knowledge of McGrath’s homosexuality and MI5’s discussions about recruiting him via blackmail in 1976. McKeague is deemed to have become an MI5 agent in 1976.
  2.  Capt. Gemmel has also revealed that he reported details about McGrath’s criminal activities to Ian Cameron of MI5. Cameron ordered him to cease his inquiries into McGrath.
  3. Colin Wallace and other British officers wanted to stop the abuse at Kincora but were thwarted by Ian Cameron and MI5. Cameron saw to it that Wallace lost his job and was framed for manslaughter. His conviction was later overturned.
  4. Many attempts were made to expose the existence of the B-NIVR and its exploitation by British Intelligence. Social workers tried to raise the abuse, but their superiors covered it up. Eventually, one brave social worker who was responsible for Richard from age 5 to 18 convinced a journalist working in the Republic of Ireland for the Irish Independent to expose it on the front page of that newspaper in January 1980.
  5. There have been a large number of inquiries into what became known as the “Kincora scandal.” Insofar as the role of British intelligence is concerned, the first of these was the Terry Inquiry (1982) which is been exposed as a whitewash by a subsequent inquiry. Sir. George Terry, the Chief Constable of Sussex, included lies in his 1982 report. The second inquiry was led by Judge Hughes (1984). The terms of reference for the Hughes Inquiry were changed secretly behind the back of the House of Commons in London so as to prevent him from exploring the role of British intelligence.
  6. In 2017, Judge Anthony Hart of the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry produced a report which contained multiple errors, internal contradictions and was based on forged statements.
  7. All told, the Terry, Hughes, and Hart inquiries failed to uncover the role of MI5 and MI6 in the abuse of children by the B-NIVR which included Kincora Boys’ Home.

28. The ongoing London Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has refused to look at the case of Richard Kerr despite the fact he was abused by VIPs in London. IICSA was set up to inquire into VIP sexual abuse. END.




13.     September 10, 2021.
14.     September 15, 2021


 Sex-abuse boy “sacrificed by RUC as part of dirty war”



16.  Oct 9, 2021





17.   Dec. 10, 2021


The Anglo-Irish Vice Ring

The cover-up continues 

By Sonia Poulton

The week of December 12th, part 2: The man at the heart of this story: Richard Kerr.

To view part 1, click the link below

Part 1:  Kincora & Trafficked Boys




18.  December 10, 2021

Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus
The Kincora-Richard Kerr case continues to be raised in Congress by the Irish National Caucus—powerfully helped by good people. And greatly elevated by the documentary film, The Man Who Knew Too Much— and by the work of the fearless English journalist, Sonia Poulton. Below is Sonia’s most recent video, Part 1. Part 2 is scheduled for next week.
The Kinacora-Richard Kerr case is one of the most cynical, sinister, and coldly-calculated, British government cover-ups of The Troubles, which Congress cannot ignore.Particularly now, since Richard Kerr is an American citizen living in Texas in Congressman’s Colin Allred’s District. All Members of Congress interested in Irish justice and peace must show solidarity with Richard Kerr—especially the Foreign Affairs Committee and human rights sub-committees, and the Congressional Caucus on Human Trafficking because Richard was “trafficked.” (”
—Fr. Sean McManus


                        The cover-up continues



19.   16 Dec. 2021


“Every person should be supporting this Brave Belfast Protestant, now an American citizen.” Fr. Sean Mc Manus

TO VIEW THE VIDEO, CLICK–Part 2: The story of Richard Kerr



20. December 18, 2021

Appeal to Irish-Texans to stand up for Richard Kerr, a brave Belfast Protestant, horribly betrayed by the British government 
 Now an American Citizen, living in Dallas in Congressman Allred’s 32nd Congressional District
CAPITOL HILL. Saturday, December 18, 2021—Just as it brought Belfast Protestant Raymond McCord, Jr.’s case to the United States Congress, the Irish National Caucus has raised the case of Richard Kerr in Congress.

Richard Kerr, 60 years old—originally from Belfast but now living in Texas since 1988— has long maintained he was sexually abused, from age 8 to 18,  by “very powerful people” with links to both the former Kincora Boys Home (and other State-run Homes) and to MI5/ British intelligence. Kincora, now closed, —was commonly regarded as a home for Protestant boys, run by Protestants. It is now accepted that the Northern Ireland police and the British government knew all about the systematic abuse of Richard and other boys, which was used as a blackmail-intelligence operation but covered it up. And everyone knows the terrible harm caused if State or Church cover up the sexual abuse of children.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus—said: “We have given all necessary information to Congressman Colin Allred. We hope he will show concern for, and solidarity with Richard, his constituent. Richard was horribly betrayed his Northern Ireland and British political representatives. Surely now, his Congressional representative and Senators will do him justice, and support our efforts to have the rest of Congress stand up for this brave Belfast Protestant. When Protestants and Catholics work together for justice in Northern Ireland, that is reconciliation at its very best and truest.
It is also in the best  American and Texas tradition. For more information, see——
Congressman Allred can be reached at:
Congressman Allred’s District Office:100 North Central Expressway Suite 602, Richardson, TX 75080. Phone (972) 972-7949. Fax: (888) 671-0539.
And at Congressman Allred’s Washington, DC Office:114 Cannon HOB. Washington, DC 20515. (202) 225-2231.
21. February 22, 2022


Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus




22. February 23, 2022

Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

“Belfast Protestant Richard Kerr—now an American citizen living Dallas, Texas— was for many years sexually
abused as a boy inside and outside State-run Protestant Homes for Boys in Northern Ireland, and trafficked to Britain and Europe by powerful people. All the time the British government colluded in his terrible abuse with British intelligence agencies using the abuse for intelligence gathering, compromise and  blackmail. And to this day, the British government is still covering up Richard’s abuse and blocking his demand for justice.
Surely, Richard deserves the support of Congress—particularly the Human Rights Committees and the Congressional Caucus on Human Trafficking—in his struggle for justice. The British government—which he saw as his government (though I never saw it as mine!)—betrayed him. If American citizenship is to mean anything, it is important that the United States does not betray him.”—Fr. Sean Mc Manus.
Ex-Kincora resident to resist any bid to delay trial amid plans to end Troubles-era litigation

Alan Erwin. Belfast Telegraph. Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A former resident at a notorious Belfast boys’ home is to press for a trial date in his High Court action over claims he was trafficked for sexual abuse.
Richard Kerr and his lawyers vowed to resist any attempt to delay the hearing amid UK Government plans to end all Troubles-era litigation.
The 60-year-old alleges a paedophile ring subjected him to years of rape and molestation in a campaign covered up by the British state.
Mr Kerr, who spent more than two years at the Kincora home in the east of the city, is seeking damages against the Department of Health, the Northern Ireland Office, the PSNI and the Home Office.
His legal representatives confirmed they will ask a judge later this week to list the case for trial without any further hold-up.

In a statement KRW Law said: “Richard Kerr is determined to ensure that the truth of his experiences is exposed in court.”
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Concerns were expressed that the legal move may be contested on the grounds that the civil action is part of conflict-related litigation which could be stopped under the government’s controversial proposals.
The law firm pledged to “robustly counter” any resistance from the Crown Solicitors’ Office based on still unpublished legislation.
“The CSO cannot take a stance of ‘wait and see’ on laws which have yet to be created in the hope that
the claims made by Richard Kerr will either go away or be locked away,” it said.
The lawsuit involves claims for assault and battery, misfeasance in public office, breach of statutory duty and negligence.
Mr Kerr, who now lives in Dallas, Texas, has detailed a litany of alleged abuse during his time spent at institutions in the 1960s and 1970s.
His action is being supported by former British Army intelligence officer Colin Wallace.
As well as the plaintiff’s time at Kincora, the case includes claims about his earlier treatment in care at Williamson House in north Belfast, and a later period at a borstal in Co Down.
He alleges that he was repeatedly plied with alcohol and sexually assaulted by a number of men.
Court papers set out claims of being taken to hotels in Belfast, Portrush and Bangor to be abused.
According to his case he was also attacked while working at horse stables near Larne.
Another alleged incident involved being molested by a former soldier after being sent to his home in west Belfast.
Mr Kerr further claims he was put on ferries to England, where he was picked up by men and taken to locations in Manchester and London.
He maintains that all investigations and inquiries to date have failed to expose the full abuse at Kincora, along with the alleged knowledge and role of British state agents.
His lawyers claim failures by the Royal Ulster Constabulary to investigate events at the home.
Based on his allegations, he has not accepted conclusions reached by the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) Inquiry.
The tribunal dismissed suspicions that senior politicians, civil servants and businessmen were complicit in a paedophile ring at Kincora which led to three staff members being jailed.

23. FEBRUARY 25, 2022


Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus


“As we continue to keep the Richard Kerr-Kincora issue before Congress, we welcome today’s pledge by the High Court judge in Belfast to ‘move heaven and earth’ to facilitate Richard’s case—after years and years of State delay, obstruction, and cover-up. As we keep saying, if American citizenship is to mean anything, Congress must support Richard, a Belfast Protestant, now an American citizen living in the great State of Texas. And his Congressman, Colin Allred, should surely be leading the way. And all Irish-Americans worth their salt must show solidarity with Richard.”—Fr. Sean McManus.



Judge vows to facilitate Kincora abuse trial amid attempts to block case

A 60-year-old plaintiff has detailed a litany of alleged abuse during his time spent at institutions in the 1960s and 1970s, including at Kincora boys’ home.

Alan Erwin. Belfast Telegraph. Friday, February 25, 2022.

A High Court judge has pledged to “move heaven and earth” to facilitate any trial into claims that a former resident at a notorious Belfast boys’ home was trafficked for sexual abuse.

Mr. Justice McAlinden declined to list Richard Kerr’s action for hearing at this stage amid uncertainty over attempts to have it struck out.

He expressed a reluctance to book a two-week “chunk” of the court’s diary next year at the risk of denying a slot to other litigation.

But the judge vowed: “As soon as it is in a state of readiness, I will move heaven and earth to get the case listed and to provide a date that will be set in stone and the plaintiff can confidently rely on being met.”

Mr. Kerr’s lawyers were pressing for a confirmed trial hearing into allegations that a pedophile ring subjected him to years of rape and molestation in a campaign covered up by the State.

The 60-year-old, who spent more than two years at the Kincora home in the east of the city, is seeking damages against the Department of Health, the Northern Ireland Office, the PSNI, and the Home Office.

His lawsuit involves claims for assault and battery, misfeasance in public office, breach of statutory duty, and negligence.

Mr. Kerr, who now lives in Dallas, Texas, has detailed a litany of alleged abuse during his time spent at institutions in the 1960s and 1970s.

The action is being supported by former Army intelligence officer Colin Wallace.

As well as the plaintiff’s time at Kincora, the case includes claims about his earlier treatment in care at Williamson House in north Belfast and a later period at a borstal in Co Down.

He alleges that he was repeatedly plied with alcohol and sexually assaulted by a number of men.

Court papers set out claims of being taken to hotels in Belfast, Portrush, and Bangor to be abused.

According to his case, he was also attacked while working at horse stables near Larne.

Another alleged incident involved being molested by a former soldier after being sent to his home in west Belfast.

Mr. Kerr further claims he was put on ferries to England, where he was picked up by men and taken to locations in Manchester and London.

All investigations and inquiries to date have failed to expose the full abuse at Kincora, along with the alleged knowledge and role of State agents, he maintains.

His lawyers also claim failures by the Royal Ulster Constabulary to investigate events at the home.

Following Friday’s hearing Mr. Kerr’s solicitor, Kevin Winters expressed frustration at the time taken in legal attempts to have the case stopped.

But he added: “We are encouraged with the judge’s indication that he will ‘move heaven and earth’ to get Richard’s case on, when he can get final justice and closure.”



MARCH 14, 2022

Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus
“Members of Congress interested in justice and peace in Ireland should read this Press Release from the Kevin Winters Law Firm in Belfast that represents Richard Kerr, whose case the Irish National Caucus has raised in Congress. Note the Press Release states Richard was “trafficked.” Surely that means that Congressional Caucus on Human Trafficking—Co-Chaired by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney(D-NY) and Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ)— must show active and meaningful concern for Richard Kerr, now an American citizen living in Texas. Not to mention Richard’s own Congressman,  Colin Allred (D-TX), if American citizenship is to mean anything.”—Fr. Sean Mc Manus


KRW LAW LLP (KRW) is instructed by Richard Kerr who was sexually abused for over ten years between the ages of 8 – 18 whilst in the ‘care’ of Williamson House, the Kincora Boys’ Hostel, and similar institutions in Belfast.  He was taken from his family by the State at the age of five and placed in Williamson House where the abuse started including abuse by a British soldier which was reported but never properly investigated.
Whilst a resident of the Kincora Boys’ Hostel from age 14 he was the youngest there and often left on his own to be abused whilst other residents were at work. In addition, his abusers would often arrange for him to be abused by others outside of the hostel, in effect trafficking Richard Kerr.
Richard Kerr rejects the apology offered yesterday by politicians at Stormont. He maintains that an apology written by civil servants and delivered by Ministers is empty handwringing rhetoric. It is meaningless. An apology can be made but it need not be accepted as it does not – and cannot – salve the scars, physical, emotional, and psychological – caused by systemic abuse inflicted or orchestrated by those charged with the care of those in their charge.
Richard Kerr contends that all investigations to date into institutions including Williamson House and the Kincora Boys’ Hostel have been flawed and mislead by state agencies including the PSNI on behalf of the RUC and Northern Ireland Office and Home Office on behalf of agencies including MI5. He notes that the apology yesterday did not include a statement from the Leader of Belfast City Council, the Chief Constable of the PSNI, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, or the Home Secretary.
Richard Kerr’s civil action seeks to ventilate and expose the truth of the systemic abuse he and others, including his friend Stephen Waring, suffered and endured and to establish the liability of all the state agencies responsible for this. Richard and Stephen vowed to protect each other.
Stephen fled to the UK in 1977 shortly after confirming that he was sexually abused at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. Richard and Stephen were separated and questioned in different police stations.  Stephen regretted that he confirmed he was being abused at the Donegal Pass police station. He felt his life was in danger. Stephen drowned as he was forced back from Liverpool to Belfast. Stephen’s death was a direct result of the control the state agencies held over the two boys and others. His death prompted the first flawed investigation into the Kincora Boys’ Hostel.
The British government is seeking to strike out Richard Kerr’s case and attack his credibility. A hearing to set a date for the strike action application is set to be heard in Belfast on the 18 March. KRW is resisting the strike out and will request the trial judge hear the application and adjudicate upon it.
A month ago, Belfast City Council agreed that the Kincora Boys’ Hostel should be demolished and that apartments for young families should be built on the site. Williamson House was demolished but was not developed.
Richard Kerr recommends that establishing a Memorial Park to all those who were abused would be an appropriate response.
Richard Kerr knows that the past cannot be demolished and that to erase Kincora will not eradicate the memories of what happened there and in similar institutions to him and others including his friend Stephen Waring.
Richard Kerr is supported in his application by Colin Wallace, who was a Psychological Operations officer at Army Headquarters in Lisburn during the 1970s. Mr Wallace has fearlessly fought to expose the abuse at Kincora and elsewhere. No doubt the government will seek to cast doubt on his credibility as well but that also will be resisted.
Contact: Kevin Winters, Solicitor and Senior Partner:

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JUNE 5, 2023

Statement of Richard Kerr,  June 5, 2023


I listened to the court hearing on Monday, June 5,  from the US. I was forced out of my own country about 45 years ago by pedophiles who wanted to make sure I was not available to the first Kincora investigations. Joe Maines and William McGrath were part of a larger pedophile / sexual abuse/intelligence gathering operation.  I was controlled by a pedophile until his death in 1995. It was only then that I could start to see the cage that I had been locked in.


Clint Massey, Gary How and I started this high court process back in 2015. My high court writ issued March 3, 2016.


Today’s hearing was very significant. It took an additional 3-1/2 years of state delays since 2019 to get to today’s strike-out hearing.  These delays were designed to kill the case and to stress out the plaintiffs. Indeed, Clint Massey died in 2018. I am saddened that Clint could not see the progress today. We are determined to get this case over the finish line in 2024. State-delay tactics only make us more determined. This will mean a renewed push to fight and get all the truth out in court next year.


The State’s ongoing behavior has been to delay, block and tackle at every opportunity. The State today tried to maintain that they had no duty of care despite the September 2022  Police Ombudsman Report. The report acknowledged that the system and police did not conduct a thorough investigation after receiving multiple complaints. The Police Ombudsman Report had access to multiple sources of complaint information. McGrath and Maines worked with State Intelligence operatives, targeted, compromised, and coerced outside sexual clients into providing intelligence in return for protecting their sexual perversions. Intelligence was more important than protecting the lives of 14+ year-old boys.


Colin Wallace and others stumbled on the sexual abuse happening at Kincora while investigating William McGrath’s terrorist activities at Tara.  Colin reported the sexual abuse to his superiors. His superiors reported it all the way up the line. Senior Intelligence officials told senior police staff not to investigate. They wanted the intelligence gathering to continue.  As a result, the boys were not removed from daily harm. The entrapment operation continued with boys being abused outside of Kincora. These outside abusers were then coerced into providing intelligence in return for keeping their sexual perversions secret. Let’s be clear. These intelligence gathering operations are strategic and controlled from the top tier of State Government.


For these reasons, my lawsuit targets 4 defendants:


  1. the Dept Health,
  2. Northern Ireland Office
  3. Chief Constable PSNI
  4. Secretary of State for the Home Department.



Richard Kerr, Texas

Born May 12, 1961




September 28, 2023





Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

UNFORGOTTEN | Lost boys: Mystery disappearance of Belfast kids linked to Kincora pedo ring

Harrowing cases of missing children are pushed back under spotlight by film

Ciaran O’Neill. Sunday World. Belfast. Thursday, September 28, 2023.

Time is running out to uncover the full horror of the child abuse which happened at the Kincora boys home in Belfast.

That’s the stark warning from the makers of a new documentary which links the “forgotten” disappearance of four young boys to a pedophile ring which operated from the notorious care home.

“Lost Boys: Belfast’s Missing Children” explores the mystery behind the boys’ disappearance in the 1960s and 1970s.

Evidence revealed in the documentary suggests they were abducted by members of the Kincora pedophile ring – many of whom are now dead.

At least 29 boys were abused at the east Belfast home – which was demolished last year – from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Three members of staff at Kincora – William McGrath, Raymond Semple, and Joseph Mains – were jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys

However, it is believed the full truth of the horrific crimes committed within the home – and by those associated with it – has still to be told.

Earlier this year, in an interview with the Sunday World, former Kincora resident Arthur Smyth claimed he was sexually abused in the home in 1977 when he was just 11. He said the perpetrator was the Queen’s cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

It is alleged British intelligence services protected those involved in the abuse at Kincora because some were MI5 agents.

Des Henderson, the writer and director of the Lost Boys documentary, is now working on another film into the Kincora scandal.

“Kincora is a much bigger story and deserves a feature length documentary of its own,” he said.

“I would say we have around 300 hours of interviews and witness statements from people who are no longer with us.”

He is hoping the Lost Boys documentary will help uncover more evidence.

“I am already seeing comments from the trailer on Facebook from people who potentially might have new information so I am hoping when people see this film, new information might come out, even 50 years later.

“It is very hard to penetrate this kind of stuff, but this might just spark a memory for someone.

“I think it is really important we get these testimonies before people die.”

The “Lost Boys” documentary, which will be premiered in Dublin and Belfast in the coming days, sheds new light on one of the darkest chapters of Northern Ireland’s recent history.

Friends Thomas Spence, 11, and John Rodgers, 13, were last seen together at a bus stop on the Falls Road in Belfast on November 26, 1974. Five years earlier, in the east of the city, friends David Leckey, 12, and Jonathan Aven, 14, disappeared.

There have been no traces of the boys since – but they are all believed to have been abducted for a “sexual motive” and then killed, according to a criminologist who studied the cases for the new documentary.

Their disappearances have also been linked to the murder of 11-year-old Brian McDermott in Belfast in 1973. Brian’s burnt and mutilated body was found in a sack in the River Lagan.

In 2001, extensive searches were carried out at two houses in Rodney Drive in west Belfast in connection with the disappearance of Thomas and John.

However, nothing was found and no one has ever been charged in connection with the disappearance of any of the boys or Brian McDermott’s murder.

Between 1969 and 1974, more than 1,000 people were killed in the Troubles. In the midst of this horror, the boys’ disappearance received little media attention.

Henderson said the boys and their families had been “failed by the state.”

“Even now, if you go on the PSNI’s missing persons website, none of the boys are listed. They have been completely forgotten about,” he said, “The boys’ families were scratching around in the dirt looking for any kinds of leads and I felt if we could get the film funded, we could put some resources behind this and try to figure out what happened.”

The investigation carried out by those involved in the documentary, which was co-produced by investigative journalist Chris Moore, soon led down a dark path. The film looks at the evidence and the various theories surrounding the missing boys – and it all leads to one place.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind the disappearance of the boys is linked to Kincora,” said Henderson.

“Kincora was dealt with by the state in 1981 when they locked up three people. The only reason they did that was because it was brought to light in the Irish Independent.

“What we have uncovered and what the evidence proves is that the police, MI5, and the state knew what was happening at Kincora from the mid-60s.

“But they would not allow individual intelligence officers who came across it to investigate because William McGrath and others were state agents. ​

The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIAI) was set up to investigate child abuse in residential institutions in Northern Ireland from 1922 to 1995.

The inquiry concluded the abuse at Kincora was limited to the actions of the three convicted staff members and did not take place with the collusion of the state or intelligence services.

However, contributors to the new documentary argue the HIAI’s powers were “not far-reaching enough” to get to the “truth.”

We have amassed hundreds of pages of documents that prove the links between the people who were convicted for Kincora and others involved in the pedophile ring,” said Ed Stobart, producer of the documentary.

The “Lost Boys” documentary will be shown in Belfast and Dublin in the coming days.

“Lost Boys: Belfast’s Missing Children” will be shown at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin and at the Odeon Cinema in Belfast.