Act of Settlement – Foundation of Orange Sectarianism

Posted By: October 29, 2005

The Act of Settlement 1701 Foundation of Orange Sectarianism Fr. Sean Mc Manus CAN you imagine how abhorrent it would be ifthere were a provision in the US Constitutionforbidding an African-American being president,or marrying a Black person? How that wouldinflame the fires of white racism and bigotry?How it would provide spurious affirmation thatBlacks were not […]

Repeal Anti-Catholic Section of Act of Settlement 1701

Posted By: October 21, 2005

Repeal Anti-Catholic Section of Act of Settlement 1701. Some answers and explanations Fr. Sean Mc ManusFriday, October 21, 2005 Our campaign to force the British Government and the Queen ofEngland to repeal the sectarian and anti-Catholic section of The Actof Settlement, 1701, has evoked a considerable response. (Toremind our readers: that provision mandates that the […]

Anti-Catholic Laws Have To Go

Posted By: October 17, 2005

Anti-Catholic Laws Have To GoLettersIrish News. Thursday, October 13, 2005 I APPRECIATE the letter of M O’B, Belfast 9 (October 11)that stated “I can assure Father Sean McManus the only dateloyalists care about or know is 1690. They have never heardof any law or act passed in 1701″. But I am not ‘assured’ as the […]

Decommissioning Will Real Real Problem

Posted By: September 27, 2005

Decommissioning Will Reveal Real ProblemRefusal to Accept Equality. Capitol Hill. Tuesday, September 27, 20005 — Thefinal decommissioning of the IRA arsenal willhelp reveal to the world what has always been atthe heart of the problem in Northern Ireland. That is how the Capitol Hill-based Irish NationalCaucus has reacted to the IRA initiative. Caucuspresident, Father Sean […]

Alarm Over Orange Funding

Posted By: September 22, 2005

Irish National Caucus Press ReleaseAlarm Over Orange FundingInternational Fund Judgement QuestionedCAPITOL HILL. Thursday, September 22, 2005 —Irish-Americans are alarmed that theInternational Fund for Ireland has given a grantof a quarter of a million pounds sterling to agroup many regard as a front for the viciouslysectarian and anti-Catholic Orange Order ,theOrange Community Network.The President of the […]

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