British Provide Excuse For Orange Bigotry

Posted By: February 03, 2006

No Kidding… The British Constitution Provides The ExcuseFor Orange BigotryIrish News. Friday, January 27, 2006LettersBy FATHER SEAN McMANUSCATHAL Mc Glade – ‘Who cares anymore if the British monarchis a Catholic?’ (January 24 2006) – seems to think thatseparation of Church and state doesn’t matter and‘constitutions’ are unimportant.Who cares if there was a provision in the […]

Officials Concerned Over US IRA Support

Posted By: December 30, 2005

Officials concerned over support in US for IRA “One of the main concerns of British officials was theextent to which the Irish National Caucus … might extendits influence within the US Congress and the US media”. By Jimmy Burns Published: December 29 2005 02:00 Last updated: December29 2005 02:00 Support for the IRA in the […]

Thanks Be to God I Never Knew Donaldson

Posted By: December 25, 2005

Irish National Caucus Press ReleaseThanks Be to God I never Knew DonaldsonCAPITOL HILL.TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2005 — Irish-Americans who never had any dealings with British agent, Denis Donaldson, are counting their blessings.“Thanks be to God, I never knew him nor had any dealings with him”, said Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based […]

Mc Dowell a National Disgrace

Posted By: December 14, 2005

IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUS PRESS RELEASE Opin: Mc Dowell a National Disgrace And Only Threat to Republic CAPITOL HILL. TUESDAY DECEMBER 13, 2005 —- Irish-Americans are increasingly alarmed by the conduct of Justice Minister, Michael Mc Dowell. ” Just as we thought the bad old Blue Shirt days were over because of the Irish Peace process, […]

Spy Ring Case Cautionary Lesson for U.S.

Posted By: December 12, 2005

Spy Ring Case Cautionary Lesson for U.S. Stormontgate Embarrasses Reiss CAPITOL HILL. December 9, 2005 — Dr. Mitchell Reiss,Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, was recently badly hurtby the ridiculous U.S decision to ban Gerry Adams fromfundraising on his planned visit to New York. Now Dr. Reiss has suffered another blow to his previouslyvery fine record: […]

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