Appeal to Irish-Texans to stand up for Richard Kerr

Posted By: December 18, 2021

Appeal to Irish-Texans to stand up for Richard Kerr, a brave Belfast Protestant, horribly betrayed by the British government 

Now an American Citizen, living in Dallas in Congressman Allred’s 32nd Congressional District
CAPITOL HILL. Saturday, December 18, 2021—Just as it brought Belfast Protestant Raymond McCord, Jr.’s case to the United States Congress, the Irish National Caucus has raised the case of Richard Kerr in Congress.

Richard Kerr, 60 years old—originally from Belfast but now living in Texas since 1988— has long maintained he was sexually abused, from age 8 to 18,  by “very powerful people” with links to both the former Kincora Boys Home (and other State-run Homes) and to MI5/ British intelligence. Kincora, now closed, —was commonly regarded as a home for Protestant boys, run by Protestants. It is now accepted that the Northern Ireland police and the British government knew all about the systematic abuse of Richard and other boys, which was used as a blackmail-intelligence operation but covered it up. And everyone knows the terrible harm caused if State or Church cover up the sexual abuse of children.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus—said: “We have given all necessary information to Congressman Colin Allred. We hope he will show concern for, and solidarity with Richard, his constituent. Richard was horribly betrayed his Northern Ireland and British political representatives. Surely now, his Congressional representative and Senators will do him justice, and support our efforts to have the rest of Congress stand up for this brave Belfast Protestant. When Protestants and Catholics work together for justice in Northern Ireland, that is reconciliation at its very best and truest.
It is also in the best  American and Texas tradition. For more information, see——
Congressman Allred can be reached at:
Congressman Allred’s District Office:100 North Central Expressway Suite 602, Richardson, TX 75080. Phone (972) 972-7949. Fax: (888) 671-0539.
And at: Congressman Allred’s Washington, DC Office:114 Cannon HOB. Washington, DC 20515.
(202) 225-2231