Terence MacSwiney death: “My grandfather was optimist, a pragmatist, an idealist, and an opportunist”

Posted By: October 28, 2020

  Cathal MacSwiney-Brugha grandson Terence MacSwiney stands with his bust Cathal MacSwiney-Brugha. Irish Examiner. Cork. Tuesday, October 27, 2020 (Cathal MacSwiney Brugha is the grandson of Terence MacSwiney. He is Emeritus Professor of Decision Analytics, University College Dublin.) On the centenary of Terence MacSwiney’s death, the current leaders of the independent Irish State, whose existence […]

How Terence MacSwiney’s death led to estrangement between his wife and daughter

Posted By: October 25, 2020

  Mother and daughter, Muriel and Máire MacSwiney, did not speak for 50 years   Terence MacSwiney, the Republican martyr, became an enduring symbol of self-sacrifice and stoicism even before he died on hunger strike 100 years ago. Ronan Mc Greevy. Irish Times. Dublin. Saturday, October 24, 2020   Terence MacSwiney, the Republican martyr, became […]

Border poll deniers – like the Taoiseach – are no friends to the democratic process

Posted By: October 24, 2020

 Matina Devlin. Irish Independent. Dublin. Saturday, October 24, 2020‘Border poll deniers” were cited by a prominent political figure yesterday, who suggested a referendum on Irish unity was inevitable and preparations should be made to argue one’s case. Was it Micheál Martin, leader of Fianna Fáil – ”the Republican Party”? Not a chance of that in […]

Just weeks away, the Irish Sea border is going to hit our pockets – but also reshape the Union

Posted By: October 24, 2020

For many people in Northern Ireland, Brexit remains an amorphous concept removed from their daily lives, while the looming Irish Sea border seems at worst a bureaucratic problem for haulage companies and port operators …. Belfast Port is one of the sites at which border control posts are about to be erected – with huge financial and constitutional implications. […]

Taoiseach pledges €500m to build and enhance cross-border projects

Posted By: October 23, 2020

Mary Lou McDonald said she was disappointed that taoiseach failed to address Irish unity.   John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, October 23, 2020 THE TAOISEACH yesterday pledged €500 million of what he insists is new money to build and enhance cross-border projects over the next five years. The announcement of fresh ring-fenced funding came […]

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