Outspoken farmer steeped in Paisleyite politics no stranger to controversy

Posted By: October 19, 2020

      “Steeped in traditional Paisleyite politics, Mr. Poots’s father Charlie was a close associate of the former first minister [the late Rev. Ian Paisley] and a founding member of the DUP. He died earlier this year aged 90 at the height of the first coronavirus lockdown. Charlie Poots was also outspoken, stating at […]

It’s obvious the British government has no intention of honoring the New Decade New Approach document

Posted By: October 14, 2020

 Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, October 14, 2020 The chair of Westminster’s NI Affairs Committee – who he?– wrote an op-ed piece in the Irish Times on Monday. For the last decade (and some would say longer) the committee, set up 27 years ago at the behest of Unionists, has been a menace to […]

Bunting’s “Ulster-Scots for Trump” hits the road

Posted By: October 10, 2020

“Reputed anti-Catholic and anti-Black bigots in Northern Ireland organize for Trump … The main organizer, Jolene Bunting, has distinguished  herself  by this statement:“I’m so sick of the poor Catholic bastards; they make me sick. I wish they would just go down to [southern] Ireland, and then they can fly their flags and change the [Irish language] street […]

Irish Unity: Dream or Reality?

Posted By: October 10, 2020   Gil Kapen. International Policy Digest. Saturday, October 10, 2020. The great Irish poet laureate William Butler Yeats once remarked that “There is another world, but it is in this one.” For too long, the notion of Irish unification—the long-sought ideal of Ireland as one country including all of its 32 counties—seemed destined […]

Law Society berates Prime Minister for `sinister and insidious’ assault on the rule of law

Posted By: October 09, 2020

President of the Law Society Rowan White said solicitors `are entitled to expect better of the Prime Minister’Bimpe Archer. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, October 9, 2020President of the Law Society Rowan White said solicitors `are entitled to expect better of the Prime Minister’PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has been berated for “a sinister and insidious” assault on the […]

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