Irish National Caucus takes up the case of Peter Gallagher

Posted By: May 31, 2018

                                                       ” Murdered in collusion with British state forces in March 1993.”CAPITOL HILL. Thursday, May 31, 2018— The Irish National Caucus has taken up yet another case of British government collusion in the murder of a […]

MoD cannot stop ex-soldiers from binning inquests letter

Posted By: May 31, 2018

David Young. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, May 31, 2018The Ministry of Defence has been unable to warn a high-profile veterans’ group to stop encouraging former soldiers to bin letters urging cooperation with Troubles inquests because it cannot find its postal address, a court has heard.A lawyer representing families of some of those shot dead in 1971 by the British army in Ballymurphy, west Belfast, […]

Abortion vote shows Catholic Church is losing influence in Ireland – archbishop

Posted By: May 28, 2018

• “Ireland is now conforming to a western liberal democracy… people are taking an a la carte approach to Catholicism’”- Archbishop Eamon Martin • It is a new time and a change of culture, but it is not something that is out of the blue- archbishop • Certain people of all faiths will be interested to hear […]

Jacob Rees-Mogg takes aim at Theresa May over Brexit and Northern Ireland border

Posted By: May 28, 2018

Brexiteer claims prime minister is making “an error” by not taking a tougher stance with EU  Benjamin Kentish. Independent. England.Sunday, May 27, 2018 Jacob Rees-Mogg has criticised Theresa May over her handling of Brexit negotiations, calling the prime minister’s stance on the Irish border “an error” and “a mistake”.The arch Brexiteer said Ms. May was wrong to refuse to play hardball with […]

Brexit may not be dead yet but it is certainly unwell

Posted By: May 28, 2018

Talk has been of “transition’ and of ‘implementation,” with nobody sure of the difference Chris Johns. Irish Times.Dublin. Sunday, Julyn30, 2017Is Brexit dying? It is tempting to say the UK government is in headlong retreat from its original Brexit plan. But that would assume there was a well-articulated vision in the first place. We now only hear faint echoes of the “no […]

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