“Ireland shedding its old skin,”  but will that include Fianna Fáil?

Posted By: May 28, 2018

While the celebrations were all about women, when the dust settles, there will be political aftermath to deal Dublin. Sunday, May 27, 2018    THE ONLY PARTY whose members favored a No vote, according to the RTÉ exit poll, was Fianna Fáíl.Why is that significant? The parliamentary party itself is split on the issue, and it shows there […]

Crozier has now gone the way of the shillelagh

Posted By: May 28, 2018

TP O’Mahony.Irish Examiner. Cork. Monday, May 28, 2018  TP O’Mahony charts the decline of the power of the Catholic Church, but cautions against a dangerous moral vacuum that may be left in its wake.The long era of Catholic absolutism, dating all the way back to Catholic Emancipation in 1829, is now well and truly over.Historians in the future will cite May […]

How Brexit revived the nationalist dream of a “united Ireland”

Posted By: May 28, 2018

This week’s abortion vote and the rise of nationalist leader Mary Lou McDonald show how fast Ireland is changingDanielle Ryan. Salon. Sunday, May 27, 2018It would be a most historic irony if Brexit — the United Kingdom’s push for separation from the European Union — inadvertently led to the reunification of Ireland, separated by British-imposed partition almost 100 years ago.But […]

For Mary Lou McDonald, the lack of IRA baggage may prove to be both a blessing and a curse.

Posted By: May 27, 2018

McDonald is treading a well-worn path, hoping that one last push can secure a seat of power in both Belfast and Dublin, as well as a united Ireland, writes Danny Rigg.Danny Rigg. The  Dublin. Thursday, May 24, 2018 MARY LOU MCDONALD is faced with no small task. Making her mark as president of Sinn Féin in the three and a half-decade-long shadow of Gerry […]

Barnier warns May: “don’t play Brexit blame game with us”

Posted By: May 27, 2018

WARNING: “A negotiation cannot be a game of hide and seek,” says Michel Barnier. Photo: ReutersBenjamin Kentish Irish Independent. Dublin. Sunday, Maybe 27, 2018 Britain needs to “face the reality” of Brexit, the EU’s chief negotiator has said, as he warned Theresa May a withdrawal deal will not be possible unless she backs down over the future jurisdiction […]

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