Police should call UDA spade a spade

Posted By: December 03, 2015

Newton Emerson. Irish News(Belfast). Thursday, December 3, 2015At first glance, it is standard community-speak boilerplate.The PSNI’s statement, following the UDA hammer attack on Bangor voluntary community worker Aaron McMahon, read as follows: “Those small groups of individuals who continue to try and terrorise people and commit criminal acts must be isolated from communities. Police in Bangor will continue their efforts to bring […]

Clinton adviser accused Cameron of ‘threatening recklessly’ NI talk…

Posted By: December 01, 2015

In 2010 long-time confidant of US secretary of state queried Tory leader’s political moves  Simon Carswell. Washington Correspondent.Irish Times(Dublin). Tuesday, December 1, 2015Hillary Clinton: her aide Sidney Blumenthal questioned the Tory leader’s talks on an election pact with the UUP and questioned whether he supported the February 2010 power-sharing deal in Northern Ireland. Photograph: Reuters  David Cameron was accused […]

Welfare twists and turns damaging to SF

Posted By: November 29, 2015

Patrick Murphy.Irish News(Belfast).Saturday, November 28,2015  It looks like Martin McGuinness was right and Gerry Adams got it wrong. We are referring, of course, to Sinn Féin’s political strategy in response to Westminster’s shrinking of the welfare state.By 2013 Mr McGuinness and the DUP had agreed a number of local protections against Westminster’s welfare cuts. The details were never […]

Lack of funding threatens Shankill Butchers inquiry

Posted By: November 26, 2015

Irish News(Belfast). Thursday, November 26, 2015An independent investigation into alleged police misconduct surrounding the Shankill Butchers serial killers is under threat because of lack of funding.The notoriously sadistic loyalist group from west Belfast committed 19 savage murders, torturing and mutilating random innocent Catholics with butcher knives and axes before cutting their throats, during a reign of terror spanning some of the darkest days of […]

Put yourself in the policing shoes of Chief Constable George Hamilton.

Posted By: November 25, 2015

“The case Congress cannot ignore: Stakeknife —The British Government’s paid assassin and executioner.  Irish-Americans demand that Congress takes action on this outrageous case of State-sponsored terrorism.” — Fr. Sean Mc Manus, Irish National Caucus.Stakeknife – a colossal ScandalUlster TV. Tuesday, November 24, 2015Belfast man Scappaticci was named as agent Stakeknife in 2003 – an allegation he […]

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