Oliver Cromwell was a metrosexual obsessed with his appearance

Posted By: December 17, 2015

Patrick Counihan @irishcentral  December 17, 2015 New reports are set to shock historians – Oliver Cromwell was a metro-sexual in touch with his feminine side.Reports are set to shock historians – Oliver Cromwell was a metro-sexual in touch with his feminine side. Researchers now claim the merciless English tyrant was addicted to fancy cosmetics and infatuated with his appearance.Cromwell, perhaps the […]

Fresh Start destined for OFMDFM[Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister] black hole

Posted By: December 16, 2015

Brian Feeney. Irish News (Belfast).Wednesday, December 16, 2015 THEY have a cheek calling it ‘Fresh Start’. In fact it’s same old same old. Apart from the justifiable anger and dismay from victims’ groups that there’s no progress on dealing with the past, it seems to have gone unnoticed that not a single aspect of the November 17 […]

Order your popcorn now … unionist battle is going to be some spectacle

Posted By: December 15, 2015

Alex Kane News Letter(Belfast). Onday, December 14, 2015It looks like next May’s Assembly election will be one of the most brutal intra-unionist battles since the early 1970s. A lot of leaders have a lot to prove and lack of obvious progress will consign some of the smaller parties to the footnotes of history – along with the likes of Vanguard, the Unionist […]

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes supports a United Ireland

Posted By: December 12, 2015

     David Young. Belfast Telegraph. Saturday, December 12, 2015. Julian Fellowes visiting Titanic BelfastThe creator of award-winning British aristo-soap Downton Abbey has revealed he is a supporter of a united Ireland.In an in-depth interview in today’s Belfast Telegraph Weekend magazine, author Julian Fellowes speaks about his Anglo-Irish roots in Co Meath – and how his great-great grandfather […]

SDLP needs to discover how to do normal politics

Posted By: December 12, 2015

Patrick Murphy. Irish News(Belfast).Saturday,  December 12. 2015 01:00THIS week’s launch of the new book, John Hume: Irish Peacemaker, raises a question which we tend not to ask: if the peace was so successful, how did the politics go so badly wrong?Of course, you may wish to argue that there is nothing wrong with our politics and that […]

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