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Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus


“The Irish National Caucus stands in solidarity with Richard Kerr, a Belfast Protestant, who has been horribly mistreated by the British government and its intelligence agencies.

We publish below his statement on yesterday’s Court Hearing in Northern Ireland. I am pleased Richard has received some measure of relief, as his statement indicates.

We have raised Richard’s case widely and often in Congress and will continue to do so. Please click this link to see our website with its dedicated section on Richard’s case—

Richard—now an American citizen—lives in Texas in Congressman Colin Allred’s 32nd District. We hope the Congressman will show

Solidarity with Richard. And we call on all Irish-Americans in Texas to show solidarity with this brave Belfast Protestant.”—Fr. Sean Mc Manus.

Statement of Richard Kerr, June 5, 2023 

I listened to the court hearing on Monday, June 5, from the US. I was forced out of my own country about 45 years ago by pedophiles who wanted to make sure I was not available to the first Kincora investigations. Joe Maines and William McGrath were part of a larger pedophile/sexual abuse/intelligence gathering operation. I was controlled by a pedophile until his death in 1995. It was only then that I could start to see the cage that I had been locked in.

Clint Massey, Gary How and I started this high court process back in 2015. My high court writ issued March 3, 2016.

Today’s hearing was very significant. It took an additional 3-1/2 years of state delays since 2019 to get to today’s strike-out hearing. These delays were designed to kill the case and to stress out the plaintiffs. Indeed, Clint Massey died in 2018. I am saddened that Clint could not see the progress today. We are determined to get this case over the finish line in 2024. State-delay tactics only make us more determined. This will mean a renewed push to fight and get all the truth out in court next year.

The State’s ongoing behavior has been to delay, block, and tackle at every opportunity. The State today tried to maintain that they had no duty of care despite the September 2022 Police Ombudsman Report. The report acknowledged that the system and police did not conduct a thorough investigation after receiving multiple complaints. The Police Ombudsman Report had access to multiple sources of complaint information. McGrath and Maines worked with State Intelligence operatives, targeted, compromised, and coerced outside sexual clients into providing intelligence in return for protecting their sexual perversions. Intelligence was more important than protecting the lives of 14+-year-old boys.

Colin Wallace and others stumbled on the sexual abuse happening at Kincora while investigating William McGrath’s terrorist activities at Tara. Colin reported the sexual abuse to his superiors. His superiors reported it all the way up the line. Senior Intelligence officials told senior police staff not to investigate. They wanted the intelligence gathering to continue. As a result, the boys were not removed from daily harm. The entrapment operation continued with boys being abused outside of Kincora. These outside abusers were then coerced into providing intelligence in return for keeping their sexual perversions secret. Let’s be clear. These intelligence-gathering operations are strategic and controlled from the top tier of State Government.

For these reasons, my lawsuit targets 4 defendants:

1. The Department of Health,

2. Northern Ireland Office

3. Chief Constable PSNI

4. Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Richard Kerr, Texas

Born May 12, 1961

—– End —-

Fr. Sean Mc Manus


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