Waterside launch for Sinn Féin booklet on ‘unionist death squads’

Posted By: October 09, 2015

Waterside launch for Sinn Féin booklet on ‘unionist death squads’

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Londerry Sentinel.Thursday,  October 8,  2015
Sinn Féin will launch a new booklet on what it describes as “collusion between British state agencies and unionist death squads” in the Waterside on Friday.

Speaking ahead of the launch at her European constituency office in Spencer Road, the party’s MEP Martina Anderson said: “No one can deny the extent of collusion between British state agencies and unionist death squads and its impact on families has been truly shocking.

“Not only did British state authorities collude with unionist death squads to carry out countless murders, they then went to great lengths to cover up their activities. 

“In the face of mounting evidence, widely recognised by the international community, the British government has continually placed obstacles in the way of relatives seeking access to truth and justice. 

“In my role as an MEP I have highlighted collusion on the international stage, hosting relatives of victims of state violence at the European Parliament. 

“This booklet highlights Britain’s dirty war in Ireland and the continuing impact it is having on families and the need for the British government to live up to its international responsibilities to deal with the legacy of the past.”