Washington Committee Formed for Launching of Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs

Posted By: March 29, 2013

Co-Sponsored by Irish Echo

Capitol Hill. Sunday, January 10, 2011 — The Irish in the greater Washington, DC area have rallied together to form the “Washington Irish Committee” for the launching and signing of Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland.

The Memoirs will be published in Ireland in March by Collins Press, Cork, and the Washington launching is on Sunday, May 1, 2011 • 2-4 PM • Phoenix Park Hotel • 520 North Capitol St. NW • Washington, D.C. 20001 (across from Union Station, which also has ample parking).

Chairperson of the Washington Irish Committee, Mrs. Barbara J. Flaherty, said: “This is a hugely important book. It is probably the most significant Memoirs in the historiography of Irish-American nationalism since Recollections of an Irish Rebel by John Devoy (1929).

Indeed, the former Chairman of the House International Relations Committee (Foreign Affairs) Ben Gilman stated before leaving Congress in 2003, “I believe historians will record that no one since John Devoy (1842-1928) has done more to organize American pressure for justice in Ireland. (The only difference being that Father Mc Manus – in keeping with his priestly calling – is committed to nonviolence).”

Mrs. Flaherty explained: “Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs is replete with primary sources, illuminating insights into how the United States Congress dealt with the Irish issue, and fascinating details on how– against all odds– he persevered and prevailed. Nobody else could have written such a book because simply no one has ever done what Fr. Mc Manus has done (for almost 40 years) on Capitol Hill for justice in Ireland”.

Mrs. Flaherty stressed she was proud that the Irish Echo is the co-sponsor of the event, and quoted the Editor, Ray O’ Hanlon and the Publisher, Mairtin O’ Muilleoir, whom both issued statements about the upcoming Memoirs.

Mrs. Flaherty concluded by expressing deep appreciation for all the excellent DC-area men and women who are serving on the Executive Committee, whose quotes appear in the accompanying document: “ Enthusiastic Anticipation For Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs”.

The Committee’s first meeting will be January 17, 2011 – by invitation only.
Washington Irish Committee. P.O. BOX 15128, Washington, DC. 20003-0849.
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