United Nations’ survey is another good reason for a united Ireland

Posted By: January 14, 2021


Sean Maskey. Letters to Editor. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, January 14, 2021.


The Republic of Ireland has the second-highest quality of life in the world according to a survey carried out by the United Nations Human Development Index for 2020. Out of 189 countries, Norway topped the first poll, the Republic was number two, and Switzerland at number three. The United Kingdom came in at number 13. The survey covered health, education, standard of living, life expectancy, and per capita income. The Republic has done remarkably well, no doubt about it. If a similar survey were to be carried out in the United Kingdom, guess where Northern Ireland would stand on the scale of things – you got it, minus zero. The UN survey is another good reason for a united Ireland, yet unionists would still not want to be a part of it. They are more than happy to remain the poor relation of the United Kingdom. Arguments in favor of a united Ireland are far-ranging. Take the coronavirus pandemic for instance. If the north had agreed to an all-Ireland strategy with the Republic to fight the pandemic a lot more people would still be alive in the north now. But no, cooperation with the Republic regarding anything is strictly a no-no for unionism. Logic, it is fair to say is superseded by stupidity in their mindset. The refusal by unionists to engage in the debate for constitutional change in Ireland does not mean that the debate should cease. Far from it.


There is sure to be a border poll in the next five years or so and arguments for and against a united Ireland simply have to be debated before a poll takes place, so that the people will know what exactly they will be voting for. The debate is already underway now but will need to intensify with the Republic taking a leading role in it.