Twaddell 1,000th day rally hears Parades Commission “muppets” blasted

Posted By: April 08, 2016

Protesting for 1,000 days to march through Catholic areas, where they are not wanted.
Why do middle-age men insist on doing this? What point are they trying to make?
The Irish National Caucus would be the first to oppose attempts by Nationalists/Republicans to march through all Protestant/Unionist areas. We would see it as an attempt to provoke and intimidate.
 Maurice Fitzmaurice. Belfast Life.Friday, April 7, 2016

Hundreds rallied at a North Belfast interface tonight to hear an Orange Order boss say “muppets” in the Parades Commission would ban any march if republicans objected to it.

Speaking at a rally to mark the 1,000th day of the Twaddell protest, Belfast County Grand Master George Chittick also slated Secretary of State Theresa Villiers for not scrapping the controversial quango.

He warned: “Our parading culture is a hostage of fortune to republicans – this situation cannot and must not be allowed to continue. Miss Villiers you are the British Secretary of State – start acting like one.”

The Twaddell protest has been ongoing since two Ligoniel Orange lodges were not allowed to return home after the Twelfth parade in 2013. Policing the protest has cost millions of pounds.

Thursday night’s rally at Twaddell Avenue came after a parade along the Shankill Road involving ten bands.

Mr Chittick told those at the event that people within the PUL community may have “different opinions” on how to get the two lodges back up the road, “but the one thing that unites us is to see the wrong decisions of the Parades Commission put right”.

He said: “The only thing that hinders that objective is when we take our focus off where the problem lies. It lies with intransigent, sectarian, republicanism and legislation that is blatantly a protesters’ charter. Our brethren at Drumcree have been protesting continually against the same injustice.

“The question is not should changes in the legislation take place – the question is when such changes will take place as change they must.

The power to change the Parades Commission legislation is with the Secretary of State – however, she has continually refused to address the issue – instead handing over the veto to change things to republicans.

“Let’s think about the logic of her position – the current legislation is clearly unjust, if there are no objections a parade takes place – but if it becomes contentious and the muppets in the Parades Commission make a determination they always impose some restriction on the parade.

“Those who make the objections are republicans, so Miss Villiers is saying if we want to change this situation we can only do so with the approval of republicans – why would they change something that shores up and supports their bigotry?

“And let me put an end to the lie that the legislation must be fair as over 3,000 parades take place with no determinations issued – if republicans chose to object to these 3,000 parades they would all become contentious and face restrictions.”