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 Michael Lillis,exposed in the Irish News article below, was based at the Irish Embassy in the 1970s.  He was  a rabid opponent of the Irish National Caucus and tried to destroy us. In those bad old days, many Irish-Americans saw  the Irish Embassy as a virtual  adjunct of the British Embassy.
And, as for Cardinal Daly, well the less said the better. He used his ecclesiastical power to support British oppression of Irish Catholics.
This week sees the release of previously confidential files from Stormont and the Northern Ireland Office covering 1987. As well as releasing material at the end of the year, the Public Records Office is releasing material in the summer as it moves towards a new ‘20-year rule’. Of the files disclosed 542 are fully open while a further 150 files are redacted, thus removing what is deemed sensitive data. Some 108 files remained fully closed. 
Dr Éamon Phoenix, a political historian, journalist and broadcaster based at Stranmillis University College, reports on the files which are available for inspection at the Public Records Office, Titanic Boulevard, Belfast. 

Irish News( Belfast). Saturday, August 22, 2015

FUTURE Catholic primate Cahal Daly was pressing for the demolition of controversial high-rise Belfast flats in 1987 – promising there would be “no IRA racketeering” in any subsequent redevelopment.

The Irish government of Garret FitzGerald was keen to see the demolition of the Divis Flats complex in west Belfast as an early fruit of the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985 according to this year’s Belfast releases. 

This would, they believed, undermine Provisional IRA support in the area.

In a despatch from the British Embassy in Dublin to the Foreign and Colonial Office in London, the ambassador, Sir Alan Goodison reported that he had been given a record of a private conversation between then Bishop 

Cahal Daly of Down and Connor and members of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) by 

the Irish official Michael Lillis.

“One particular project he [the Bishop] would wish to see undertaken as soon as possible after the agreement is the demolition of the Divis Flats complex. 

“The Provisionals are very strong there, not least because they have consistently supported the residents,” the typed note from the DFA claimed.

Dr Daly, who later became Cardinal Daly, was prepared to make a Church-owned former British military base at MacRory Park available for public housing. 

Goodison went on: “If this happens he [Bishop Daly] will ensure that the housing association and labour employed is local and not subject to IRA racketeering.” 

If the Divis complex were destroyed, Mr Lillis told the ambassador, not only would the residents acquire better housing “but the Provisionals would lose one of their key areas”.