Title: On this Day [in history]

Posted By: November 27, 2016

Eamon Phoenix.Irish News, November 25, 1916

 Carson “Will Fight”- Again!

            Sir Edward Carson (the Ulster Unionist leader) addressed the members of the Ulster Association in London at the Hotel Cecil. He warned the Government that when the crucial moment came next spring if they failed to take any action necessary to keep up the supply of heroes to win the war, the country and Empire would never forgive them. When the war was over, what of Ulster? he asked. If any man dared to lay a hand on her liberties, he would once more sound the Reveille and ask their men to champion the cause for which their comrades had died. (Carson’s speech was a reminder that the Ulster Unionists  would demand partition as the price of Irish self-government after the war. As a Tory member of the wartime Coalition he was well-placed to influence matters.)