Time for Protestants within the Church of Ireland to wake up to their slide into blasphemous Catholicism

Posted By: August 03, 2016


Recently, First Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster criticized Fr. Sean Mc Manus for saying that —despite progress in Northern Ireland— there is still deep anti-Catholic bigotry.

Now comes this letter in the Belfast Telegraph —still often referred to as  the “ main Protestant  paper” in Northern Ireland— that seems to validate Fr. Mc Manus’ concern.Such bigotry and lack of respect for the world’s largest Christian Church is deeply disturbing and disappointing in 2016.

( Note : The Free Presbyterian Church is the church founded by the late Rev. Ian Paisley).

letter of the day: canon’s appointment

Belfast Telegraph.Wednesday, August 3, 2016 

I was saddened but not surprised to read in the Belfast Telegraph (News, July 29) of the appointment of a Roman Catholic priest as a canon at St. Anne’s Church of Ireland Cathedral.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster for years have been saying this would happen eventually and, now that it has, we have been proven right.

 I would like to ask those in the Church of Ireland, who profess to be of the reformed Protestant faith, what are they going to do now with the 39 Articles of Religion, which denounce the Roman Catholic Church as  “blasphemous fables and dangerous deceits”?

Next year is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when men like Martin Luther left the Church of Rome because of the unscriptural doctrines of Catholicism.

Could someone in the Anglican Communion please inform me what doctrines the Church of Rome has changed to reverse the decision now to appoint a Roman Catholic priest as a canon in a Protestant Church? I fear it is not Rome that is changing, but the Anglican Church.

Today, I hear of all these great ministers in the Church of Ireland; men who, I am told, are born again and saved and believe in the Protestant faith, but they seem to have lost their protest, because you never hear a word of condemnation from them when it comes to their Church joining up with Rome. There seems to be no more bishops in the Anglican Church anymore, like Bishop .J C . Ryle of Liverpool, who continually stood against the false dogmas of Rome and said “there could be no peace with Rome until Rome made peace with God”.

Protestants within the Church of Ireland: waken up. For, if you don’t, very soon you will be sitting in the confessional box, confessing your sins to the priests of Rome and partaking in the blasphemous Mass – the very things your 39 Articles condemn.


Minister, Enniskillen Free Presbyterian Church, Co Fermanagh