The Prophet of Seoul Fulfills Vision of Pope John XXIII

Posted By: November 14, 2013

It is now generally accepted that the Encyclical by Blessed Pope John XXIII, Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) helped to change the world — making it more aware of the fundamental importance of human rights, justice and peace.

Released in 1963, Pacem in Terris likened peace to a house built on four pillars: Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love.
In this 50th. anniversary of Pacem in Terris , it is important  to note that one of the leading exemplars of the Pope’s  prophetic vision is not a Catholic, but a Presbyterian  — and not in Switzerland and Scotland  ( countries historically associated with Presbyterianism). No, this Great Exemplar of world peace lives in Seoul, South Korea.
The Rev. Dr. Han Min Su co-founded the World Peace Prize Awarding Council in 1989. And since that time he has, with steadfast love and enduring faithfulness, pursued his world peace Mission.
In 1963, Pope John XXIII fulfilled the classical Biblical role of the Prophet: as a man of God  he cried out to men of power, and in particular to President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev.
Now from Seoul, another Prophet, Dr. Han, cries out to men and women of power: prepare for world peace, based on truth, justice freedom and love.
To Christian Churches, Dr. Han calls out, reminding them that there is One Christ.
And to all religions, Dr. Han calls out that there is One God, whose children we all are.
Let us all pray that the cries of the Prophet of Seoul be heard.