The Changing Face of England’s Orange State

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We have inserted the best available percentages of the Unionist/Loyalist/Protestant population in each of the Six Counties in Northern Ireland—aware the Catholic population is already even larger than appears here.

The artificial State of Northern Ireland was created by the British “Government of Ireland Act,” (December 23, 1920). The relevant demographics for the Counties included —and excluded— were according to the 1911 Census as follows:

Protestant percentage in the Six Counties: Fermanagh 43.8; Tyrone 44.6; Derry 54.2; Antrim 79.5; Down 68.4; Armagh 54.7. (The population was 1,250,531).

The other three counties of Ulster were excluded because there were too many Catholics in them. The Protestant percentage was: Cavan—18.5; Donegal —21.1; Monaghan— 25.3.

                                                            Setting up the Anti-Catholic State

No revisionist attempt can conceal that a Protestant, anti-Catholic state (some might say a caliphate) was being set up.
The Protestant leader and founder of the State of Northern Ireland spells it out clearly: “The figures will at once show where the difficulty comes in. We have to refer in these matters to Protestants and Catholics – we should only be making the very greatest camouflage of argument if we did not treat them in that way— because these are really the burning question over there. The inclusion of these six counties would bring in under the jurisdiction of the north of Ireland parliament 820,000 protestants out of 890,000 in the whole province [counting Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan]. On the other hand, while you would leave out 70,000 who are in these three counties [Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan] you would bring in from these three counties into the northern province an additional 260,000 Roman Catholics.” (Edward Carson. Westminster. May 18, 1920).
The Dublin-born Lord Carson and the Northern Unionist leaders felt free to set up their “Protestant caliphate” because they knew that all the top British leaders were deeply and venomously anti-Catholic: Robert Cecil, “Bloody” Balfour, Asquith, Lloyd George, Churchill, Bonar Law — imperialists, bigots and racists, every one of them. Even worse, that irrational religious bigotry was condoned and enshrined in the top law of England: the Act of Settlement,1701—the foundation stone of the Royal Family— that forbids a Catholic from inheriting the English Throne. So, ultimately, it is the unwritten uncodified British constitution that is to blame for religious bigotry in Northern Ireland—the Orangemen were just being loyal to the anti-Catholic bigotry and sectarianism of the British constitution.

                                        Steady increase in Nationalist/Republican/ Catholic population

According to the last Census of 2011, the Protestant percentage now is: Fermanagh —37.78%; Tyrone — 32.57%; Derry—36.44%; Antrim—54.66%; Down— 63.06; Armagh— 36.16.
The 2011 Census gives the population of Northern Ireland/Six Counties as 1,810,863.

It is commonly believed by experts that the next census in 2021 will show an even greater increase in the Catholic population. … All of which teaches the obvious truth: gerrymandered, contrived and artificial states do not succeed in the end—especially if they were maintained through inequality, disrespect, and discrimination. … No way to build up the Beloved Community.

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