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Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus
“It should be clear to all Members of Congress,  concerned about justice and peace in Ireland, that the person 
who has mounted the most formidable opposition to the British government’s amnesty plans is the Belfast Protestant Raymond Mc Cord … It is certainly clear to the British government and the British Embassy in Washington, DC. That is why they don’t want Raymond’s voice heard on Capitol Hill. And that is, also, why the Irish National Caucus has made sure —by constant Briefings like this—that Raymond’s voice will not be silenced.”
—Fr. Sean McManus.

Taoiseach to meet relatives of four Troubles’ victim’s over controversial British Government legacy proposals

Stephen Breen, Crime Editor. The Irish Sun. Dublin. Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

TAOISEACH Micheal Martin is to meet with the relatives of four victims of the Troubles tomorrow.

The Fianna Fail leader will meet with the families to discuss the British Government’s controversial legacy proposals.

Those in attendance will include Raymond McCord, whose son was murdered by the UVF, and Michael Gallagher whose son was murdered in the Real IRA Omagh bomb outrage.

Kate Nash, whose brother William was murdered by British soldiers during Bloody Sunday, and Cathy McIlvenny, whose sister Lorraine was murdered by the UDA will also be in attendance.

Mr. McCord, who represents the Truth and Justice Movement, said: “This is a major step forward not only for our group but for all victims. We are meeting a Taoiseach who hasn’t sat on the fence regarding the amnesty proposals.  

“He has been very vocal on his opposition to them. There is nothing political in his condemnation of the British government’s proposals, it’s simply the truth and the thoughts of millions of other decent people.

“We have questions and our own proposals which we will put to the Taoiseach. 

“This is a historical meeting which can only benefit victims and their families. Cross community and cross-border meetings like this should be the norm not the exception for the future of not only victims but everyone.

“Once again we thank the Taoiseach, Mark Daly, Emer Currie, and the many other TDS and senators for their support. Political opinions and aspirations are of no concern in this meeting. They play no part in our talks. We go into this meeting with several objectives of which the main one is to stop the proposals.”

Mr. McCord added: “The support and consensus we have among all the major parties on the island of Ireland has never happened before. At long last “victims” is not a toxic word or subject. 

“Our other objectives will be discussed with the Taoiseach and we can see what is possible. 

“To us, anything is possible when standing up for the murdered victims and their families. We know we are meeting a man who shares our opinions on truth and justice and we will be looking at ways of also bringing joint approaches forward to stop these proposals. “