Suzanne Heller, LAOH Allegheny County FFAI and I&L Chair, on Fr. McManus’ Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland

Posted By: April 01, 2020


Sisters and Brothers:

Just wanted to inform you that I finished the above-cited book yesterday and although I profess to know about the Northern Ireland struggles, Fr. Sean taught me A LOT!  I highly encourage you to purchase his book for insight into what we as sisters and brothers are fighting for in Northern Ireland, including reuniting it to the Republic.  I would offer to lend you my book, but that would not help
Fr. Sean in receiving funds to continue in his crusade for justice and unity.
I know I’ve previously provided information about how to purchase his book, but I believe you can order it on Amazon, as I did.  To make it easy for you, here’s the link:
Thank you, very much, for listening to my speech and I certainly hope, if you haven’t already, you’ll purchase his book.
In Our Motto,
Suzanne Heller
LAOH Allegheny County FFAI and I&L Chair