Successful New York Launch of Fr. Mc Manus’ Memoirs

Posted By: June 26, 2011

Fr. Sean explains the “Struggle”
Ray O’Hanlon-Author and Editor of the Irish Echo
Barbara Flaherty and Mary Hogan–National Secretary, LAOH

Friday, June 24, 2011 —— The organizers of the New York City Launch of Fr. Mc Manus’s Memoirs can be proud of their work.

A large crowd of “New York’s and New Jersey’s finest” — dedicated Irish-American activists of long standing – assembled on Thursday evening, June 23, in O’Lunney’s Pub Times Square , to greet and congratulate Fr. Mc Manus on this Memoirs, My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland (Collins Press, Cork).

Apart from Fr. Mc Manus, the speakers were Mary Hogan, National Secretary, Ladies AOH and Ray O’ Hanlon, the Irish- born editor of the Irish Echo.

The event was coordinated and chaired by New York based Tyrone-man Owen Rodgers.

Mary Hogan is a rising star in the AOH galaxy. She gave an excellent speech.

She pledged solidarity with Fr. Mc Manus’ mission, and stressed that his book should not just remain on the shelf but be studied and used as an essential tool to promote and advance the cause of Irish unity, justice and peace.

Ray O’Hanlon –a natural at speaking as well as writing — declared he found the book fascinating and expressed admiration at the length and effectiveness of Fr. Mc Manus’ work. O’Hanlon is also the author of the recently published South Lawn Plot (Gemma Media, Boston).

Among the distinguished, enthusiastic audience were Leslie Cassidy, relentless promoter of the Irish cause; Mary Elizabeth Bartholomew, First Vice President, Brehon Law Society; Bill Flynn, Chairman Emeritus of Mutual America and Chairman, National Committee for American Foreign Policy; Pat Doherty, Director of Corporate Governance, State of New York, Office of the Comptroller; Larry Downes, Chairman of the Friends of Sinn Fein; Ciaran Staunton. President, Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform; Chip Mc Lean, AOH New York State president; Sean Pender, AOH New Jersey State president; James Cullen, Brehon Law Society; Bob Bateman, a long-time associate of Fr. Mc Manus; and ardent Fenians Liam Murphy and Sandy Boyer.

Barbara Flaherty, who also travelled from Washington with Fr. Mc Manus – and who is the prime promoter of the book – said: “ It is gratifying to see strong, informed women, like Mary Hogan and Leslie Cassidy, take the lead both in promoting the book and advancing the cause of equality and human rights for all of Ireland”.

Fr. Mc Manus expressed his deep appreciation to all concerned: “ It was a wonderful event. I am deeply grateful, and, as always, inspired by the New York and New Jersey Irish ”.