Posted By: May 12, 2020

“The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives,

 and the dream shall never die.”


“Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We can, very properly, apply that famous quote, above, of Teddy Kennedy to the Irish Cause, which our Petition perfectly expresses—and which each signer personally advances. It is free and only takes a moment of your time—https://www.change.org/IrelandOneNation 

God bless all who participate in this noble cause— because, “In Biblical faith, the doing of justice is the primary expectation of God,” (American Protestant Old Testament/Hebrew Bible scholar Rev. Walter Brueggemann). The even more famous American Protestant, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., commissioned us all to build up The Beloved Community—in solidarity, unity, equality, forgiveness “with liberty and justice for all.”

And, the famous Polish Catholic St. Pope John Paul II has taught us that “peace is the fruit of solidarity.”

This is the spirit of our Irish Internet Petition. I call on all the worldwide Irish—and on all people of good-will who love justice and human rights— to rally to this wonderful and splendid Petition.

Please Sign; it’s free. And please share. If you have already signed, I am sure you can increase your efforts to recruit more signers…. This is our mission. We should all be honored and privileged to play our part. I certainly am.
As of this date, the Petition has 6,806 signers from all over the world. Its a good start, but we need many, many
thousands to sign on .And why wouldnt they? What authentic Irish person would oppose the spirit of this 
Petition? Seriously, how could they? 
In the U.S., in the November national and presidential elections, all candidates should be asked to take a position on
this Petition. It is the perfect question to ask them. Its not complicated or difficult. Lets know where they stand.
Its also a perfect question to ask politicians in Ireland…Ask them if they have signed the 
IrelandOneNation petition. And if not, why not? …Also, every Irish-American you know should be asked this, 
especially as the wording of the Petition is, obviously, modeled on the famousAmerican Pledge of Allegiance…
How can any Irish-American—particularly one who professes love for Ireland— refuse to sign this splendid Petition?
If the Good Lord has blessed you to be able to donate to advance this Irish National Caucus petition,  please do—
 God save Ireland.