Posted By: January 22, 2012

Joseph M. Deehan, President of the Harp and Shamrock, Greenville AOH and Barbara.
Len Byrne, AOH National Director, and the Sullivans are part of the the

active listening Greensboro audience.

Enthusiastic South Carolinians gathered at Fitzpatrick’s Pub, Greevnille, to hear Fr. Sean explain his struggle for justice in Northern Ireland. Father emphasized, “The people who helped me the most were non Irish and non Catholic and non Christian. Speaker Tip O’Neill banned Congressional Hearings on Northern Ireland for ten years (1977-1987), but Speaker Newt Gingrich (then a Protestant) allowed Hearings.”
My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland clearly and factually elaborates on what the American Congress did for justice in Northern Ireland. There is no other book like it, and no other person, and certainly no other Catholic priest has done what Fr. Sean has done for forty years for Ireland. And he is still at it–working on yet another Congressional Hearing.