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(Ninth video)

Ireland, too, has the right to be

One Nation under God,

indivisible, with liberty and

justice for all


Hi, I’m Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Irish National Caucus in Washington, DC, and Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize.


I just read to you our internet Petition, based on the famous American Pledge of Allegiance:


                Ireland, too, has the right to be

                One Nation under God,

                 indivisible, with liberty and

                 justice for all.


Could any true Irish person refuse to sign this Petition?


Indeed, could any person who respects international human rights, equality, solidarity, national self-determination, national independence, national sovereignty, and international law refuse to sign it?


Our Petition expresses the essence of democracy and fairness.


It is not complicated.


The Petition repudiates the “ hubris of empire.” It rejects the remnants of imperialism and colonialism.


It says NO to racism and sectarianism, the twin evils of this world.


And it proudly calls for unity and peace and for building up The Beloved Community, as taught by Blessed  Martin Luther King, Jr.


It repudiates England’s criminal partition of Ireland, enacted by the London Parliament, with the assent of the King of England, on December 23, 1920.


It calls for the end of division, for a shared, United Ireland in equality and solidarity—with liberty and justice for all.


… You know it is the right and proper thing, which the rest of the world would love to see.


Please sign and share our One Ireland Petition.

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For further background information, see all our previous short


Go to the Irish National Caucus website—— and insert into the search bar  “ Fr. Sean McManus’ videos.’’ This will bring up the page with all the video links.



And for detailed information on the work of the Irish National Caucus since 1974, read my Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland [Third Edition. 2019]. Available on Amazon for overseas readers. If you are within the United States,

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Thank you for watching.


God save Ireland.