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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


December 23,1920—England’ Day of Infamy in Ireland


Hi, I’m Fr. Sean McManus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus in Washington, DC, and Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize.


And this is our sixteenth social-media video on our One Ireland Petition and on England’s undemocratic Partition of Ireland.


December 23, 2020, is the 100th Anniversary of the Government of Ireland Act— commonly known as the “Partition Act”— enacted on December 23, 1920 by the London Parliament, with the assent of the King of England.


On that dreadful day, 100 years ago, the London Parliament and the King of England tore little Ireland apart—tearing it asunder, little ripping Six Counties in the northeast from the rest of the other 26 Counties of Ireland.


And the only thing that determined the selection of those Six Counties was a racist (meaning anti-Irish) and a sectarian (meaning anti-Catholic) headcount. The new, racist, anti-Catholic State, therefore, was set up for a two-fold reason: First, to maintain a foothold for England on the island of Ireland; and,Second, to place the Unionists/Protestants/ pro-British people in a permanent position of supremacy.


But now things have changed: The British Empire no longer exists, thank God. The gerrymandered Protestant majority has been overtaken by the Catholic population. The Irish Peace Process has further changed the political landscape. England is dragging Northern Ireland out of the European Union. And, very significantly, Scotland seems to be heading for independence.


All of this makes our One Ireland Petition most relevant and timely.

The Petition declares, beautifully :

Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation

under God,


with liberty and justice for all.”


Please sign this splendid Petition, which as of this date has been signed by over 21,400 dedicated people who love justice and respect international human rights, and national self-determination.


The Petition is posted on On Facebook and on


Now, although the State of Northern Ireland actually did not come into existence until later in 1921, it is crucial to stress, as I am doing, the date of December 23, 1920, because that is the date the London Parliament, with the assent of the King of England passed the Act that partitioned Ireland—and that is where the blame, and crime, and the offense rests. It rests primarily with the London Parliament and the English Monarch.


Our One Ireland Petition will continue through 1921 and beyond.


It is time for Irish unity, justice, and peace. Time to end division. Time to bring all the people of the beautiful island of Ireland together in solidarity. Time to build up The Beloved Community in all of Ireland’s precious 32 Counties— bring them together in reconciliation, equality, and mutual respect… It is time to repudiate England’s cruel and undemocratic Partition of Ireland.


Thank you for watching.

God save Ireland.