Secretary of state “out of depth”

Posted By: March 29, 2017

Irish News. Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AN article on an influential conservative magazine has branded Secretary of State James Brokenshire “hapless” and “out of his depth” after the failure of talks aimed at restoring devolution.

The article on the website of The Spectator – a weekly magazine generally supportive of the Conservative Party – describes Mr. Brokenshire as British prime minister Theresa May’s “unlucky pick” as secretary of state.

The article by Irish journalist Pádraig Belton accused the secretary of state of speaking “fluent waffle” and raised questions about his ability to get the north’s politicians to reach consensus on a power-sharing deal.

“So far, though, under Brokenshire’s chairmanship, talks never even made it to the vital plenary stage, where everyone was able to settle their differences sufficiently to gather in the same room. Given his inability to focus minds sufficiently for this to happen over the last few weeks, it’s difficult to imagine Brokenshire succeeding in this task ever.”

The article also questioned why Mrs. May had not got involved in the talks.