Scotland won’t say NO again – referendum ‘will come right in time’

Posted By: September 15, 2015

 Mark Mc Givern. Daily Record ( Scotland). September 15, 2015

THE lifelong SNP supporter believes independence is only a matter of time.

Veteran actor Sir Sean Connery was present at the launch of the Yes Scotland campaign. He is a major supporter of the SNP and is convinced he will see an independent Scotland in his lifetime
Veteran actor Sir Sean Connery was present at the launch of the Yes Scotland campaign. He is a major supporter of the SNP.
SIR Sean Connery claims Scottish independence “is only a matter of time”.

The James Bond legend believes the historic referendum made Scotland a “rated” global player.

Sir Sean said: “It was a big year. The Glasgow Games were a huge success and the referendum … well it will come right, in time.

“It’s been an astonishing journey with first Alex and now Nicola. The main thing is that Scotland is now rated worldwide.”

Ths star was quoted in The Sun after he featured in a section of former First Minister Alex Salmond’s audiobook, The Dream Shall Never Die.

Connery says: ‘The people — the real guardians of Scotland — spoke in the referendum.

“They spoke again by majority in the election. They will not be prevented from speaking again. Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands.”

Sir Sean called off an appearance at the Glasgow 2014 Games because of an eye operation.

Sir Sean’s boost for the Nats comes less than 48 hours after Nicola Sturgeon revealed the timescale for a second referendum will be presented in the SNP manifesto for next year’s Holyrood election.

Connery’s friendship with Salmond, now an MP, goes back to 1991. Sir Sean has donated fortunes to the party’s coffers and voiced party political broadcasts for the Nats in 1991 and 1992.