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CAPITOL HILL. Sunday, September 11, 2022
Leading victims campaigner, Raymond McCord, Sr. —a Belfast Protestant—has issued the following statement to the Irish National Caucus for dissemination:
                    THE VICTIMS STORIES
Raymond McCord on behalf of The Truth and Justice Movement.
“On Tuesday, September 20 at 4 pm in the AV room in the Irish Parliament building Leinster House, Dublin, in front of TDs, Senators, journalists and members of our group, a heartbreaking film of 8 victims will be shown: “THE VICTIMS STORIES.” (It was also scheduled to be shown in British Parliament buildings but had to be postponed because Parliament is closed because of the death of the Queen).
The Victims Stories” tells the true stories of the tragic murders and coverups of their family members, including my 22-year-old son Raymond Jr., by State-paid terrorists and State forces in Northern Ireland and England.
 During the filming by a media company, every victim broke down, including the cameraman. It is a film that needs to be seen by every politician in the UK, particularly those who will be voting on the immoral Legacy Troubles Amnesty Bill.
 The truth will be told in the film, the heartache will be seen and felt, and the hypocrisy of the bill will be proven. Some have been fighting for truth and justice for over 50 years. A common theme in every murder is the lack of a proper investigation along with most of the murders being carried out by paid state agents/informers one of whom was proven to have been paid at least £80, 000 by his police handlers while he committed many murders for the terrorist organization the UVF and whose leader sent his murder gangs out to kill hundreds of innocent victims while he worked under the control of the UK’S security agencies as their agent and spy. This is an invitation to you and your friends in both Houses to join us victims, politicians, and supporters. A film of which the likes has never been seen before. No human being with an ounce of decency could vote or agree with the Legacy Troubles Bill after watching and listening to 8 honest men and women telling the horrifying stories of murders that the government is afraid of.
 Only the guilty fear the truth.”
Mr. Mc Cord concluded by stating: “I acknowledged in the film the fantastic support of Father Sean McManus and Barbara Flaherty of the Irish National Caucus in our quest for truth and justice.”

The Victims Stories

by John Barry, The Victims Stories, Organizer of The Victims Stories

Professor of Green Political Economy School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

Queen’s University Belfast at Peter Froggatt Centre/0G/007, Queen’s University Belfast

Date and time: Thursday, September 29, 2022.

You are warmly welcomed to a special unique historical film made by a supportive and caring local Northern Ireland media company showing eight heartbroken and honest cross community victims individually telling of the horrific murders and cover-ups of their family members murders by loyalist, republican and state security forces. A discussion and debate will take place after the film.
The tears and heartache of the victims speaking are clearly seen and felt.
A young 22 year old man brutally beaten to death by the UVF; a young woman raped and murdered by the UDA, her son murdered years later by the UVF; a young lad murdered along with 28 others in a IRA bomb attack and his uncle shot dead by the IRA; a policeman murdered by a loyalist killer; an unarmed man murdered with 10 others in a massacre by state security forces, and his 15 year old son murdered by the IRA; a young unarmed man murdered with 12 others by the state security forces; a young woman murdered with 20 others in a double IRA pub bombings; a man murdered with 4 others standing in a bookies by the UDA.
Every murder by the paramilitaries involved paid state agents.
The government wants now to officially give an amnesty not only to the murderers of these innocent people but to all the murderers of thousands of innocent victims. No investigations, no prosecutions, no inquests and no civil actions will be made law. The murderers get rewarded while the victims get punished by a government who is determined to hide the truth of their involvement and its paid state agents in the paramilitaries and members of the security forces who carried thousands of murders of innocent men women and children. Prohibiting truth and justice will be made law by the Conservative Party.
These heartbreaking true stories will show why the immoral disgusting actions of the planned biggest official cover-up of murders in the history of the United Kingdom by its government must not happen. The Conservative Government are intent in removing murder as a crime.
This historic film was created for and by victims, and it bears witness to the honesty and bravery of those who tell their stories, in comparison to the corruption and injustice of the Government’s proposed Amnesty Bill, which is nothing less than appeasement by the government to murderers.
On behalf of the Truth and Justice Movement, and hosted at Queen’s University Belfast, come watch this historical film and see and hear the truth from those affected most with no political or sectarian agenda, only truth and justice for all. A film like no other. No paramilitaries or sectarianism permitted .