Posted By: January 29, 2022


50 years after the murder of their family members there still has been no justice. That shows how frightened of the truth the British government is. And today I want to say I am thinking of all the Bloody Sunday families and many other families both unionists and nationalists seeking truth and justice against the lies told and spread by the security forces and the state. I fully support them and those other families. I will never forget speaking at a Bloody Sunday event in Derry/Londonderry and the kindness shown to me as someone from the unionist community when the organizers gave me a framed photograph of my murdered son Raymond in his RAF uniform. They have done their murdered family members proud and I am proud myself to be a friend of all of them. Every decent person in our land will admire their 50-year campaign as I do. All of them have fought for justice, never giving up and to those who criticize them by stating Justice for all, not just for some, I’ll remind them that the Bloody Sunday Families have got where they are by fighting for justice and exposing the state for what it is and its betrayal of victims and the truth. Their actions should be inspirational to others seeking truth and justice unfortunately we still have bigots who have done nothing in the fight for justice and have ignored those murdered by the state in their own community including my son Raymond Jr. The Bloody Sunday families will go down in history for not giving up and defeating the lies of the state. Truth and Justice,  not lies and coverups. There are three kinds of people regarding justice: Those who ignore it; those who shout about it; and those who fight for it.

The Bloody Sunday Families have certainly fought for it.

Raymond McCord .Belfast.